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8 Ways to Manage Home Builder Warranty Claims More Efficiently

For many people, a home is the most expensive purchase they’ll ever make and they won’t even consider buying from a company that doesn’t fully stand behind their workmanship. As a Builder, you do everything you can to deliver the best construction practices, but you also know that unforeseen problems and liabilities can arise with new homes. Efficient and comprehensive warranty management is a critical factor that can make the difference between success and failure and maintaining or tarnishing your reputation. A drawn-out home warranty dispute can damage your credibility and cause a significant hit to your already slim profit margins. The great news is home warranty management software can streamline this process, making it easier to record, report and track individual cases. 

Streamline Documentation Processes 

A single portal provides easy-to-access documentation, including related purchase orders, work that was performed, documentation on building the home and more. This includes information about who performed the original work, materials and colors used and additional details. Document uploads can include product guides, warranty data, appraisal item values, photos, etc. In other words, the entire life cycle of the home is documented in one place. 

Educate Homeowners on Warranty Coverage and Procedures 

A built-in homeowner portal enables Builders to demonstrate the ease of the warranty process to new homeowners. Alerts can be created based on recalls and warranty registration. This also allows homeowners to link directly into the warranty system to input their concerns and access actions you took to address them. 

Promote Proactive Homeowner Maintenance 

Lack of proactive Builder communication is a top Homebuyer frustration with the new home building process. This can easily be addressed with home warranty software that clearly outlines your warranty terms. This helps Builders connect to Homebuyers on a more personal level, including explaining the dispute resolution process. A homeowner portal provides a vehicle to set realistic expectations and also share tips for maintenance of new homes. 

Establish Effective Communication Channels 

The ability to log and track all communication creates a thorough audit trail, thereby reducing the risk of anything falling through the cracks. Real-time interaction eliminates the downtime typically spent waiting for actions and responses when communicating with new Homebuyers, Trades and Suppliers. 

Streamline Warranty Claim Processes 

The ability to receive warranty requests from homeowners on your computer or tablet eliminates the need for leaving messages and connecting by phone. Homeowners can submit tickets and easily request home warranty service on any device via an easy-to use portal. 

Collaborate with Subcontractors and Suppliers 

The ease of sharing information enhances the ability for all parties to collaborate. When a request is sent for an appointment to a Subcontractor’s or Supplier’s back office, they can confirm scheduling in the system. After they perform the required work, they capture the homeowner’s signature on the mobile app to confirm work has been completed to the homeowner’s satisfaction. 

Warranty Management, Tracking and Scheduling in One Place 

Having essential information in one platform reduces communication errors, facilitates faster responses to requests and improves decision-making and problem-solving to keep the process moving smoothly. This feature enables Builders to respond decisively and accurately at a moment’s notice to homeowners’ requests. 

Continuous Improvement and Learning 

Access to all warranty information (job schedules, notes, costs and ad-hoc reports) in a central place provides a powerful analytic tool to make improvements and implement efficiencies across your company for improved homeowner satisfaction and a healthier bottom line. 

Simplify Your Warranty Management with BuildPro 

Hyphen Warranty Management software, an add-on to BuildPro, is a comprehensive solution to streamline and improve every aspect of the warranty process Learn more about how Home Builder warranty software will help you efficiently manage collaboration and communication with homeowners, Suppliers and Subcontractors. Schedule a demo today to get started!