The Importance of Organizational Accuracy When It Comes To Order Gathering 

Inaccurate orders in construction can damage your reputation as a Supplier and inevitably cause a significant hit to your bottom line. Manual processes can lead to inaccurate pricing, inventory errors, backorders, Builders ordering discontinued products and not addressing change orders in a timely manner. These issues can cause major setbacks for all stakeholders involved in new home construction, including Suppliers, Builders and Homebuyers. 

A single platform to access new orders, schedules and changes makes processing orders much simpler. Construction organization software that consolidates all essential information reduces or removes the chance of human error, thereby enhancing your ability to deliver orders on time and accurately. If you’re considering investing in streamline software to improve your ordering processes and protect your reputation and profit margins, look for a solution that includes the following features. 

Single Login for All Your Builders 

Eliminating the need to keep track of dozens of unique Builder logins saves staff resources, hours of training and data management time. It also eliminates checking corresponding portals manually for updates. A single login ensures you have all the information you need to accurately conduct daily business processes. 

One Consolidated Data Source 

Businesses run far more efficiently when everyone is working from a single data source. With data silos, fragmented data is buried in proprietary software and formats, which can have a far-reaching negative impact. Data silos prevent stakeholders from accessing the most current relevant project information. Project history is lost, so you can’t compare data from one construction project to another to improve processes. Unifying processes with the right solution enables your entire team and partner Builders to work from the same accurate and updated data, 24/7. You’ll no longer waste time and resources on miscommunications and using outdated info, and also be able to respond faster to keep projects moving smoothly through the pipeline. 

Real-Time Change Order Notifications 

Due to the complex nature of residential construction projects, change orders can arise from a wide variety of circumstances. Managing change orders efficiently can spell the difference between making and losing money. If handled properly, change orders can boost revenue and profit margins for you and your Builders. If handled poorly, they can cause project delays, cripple a project, create costly conflicts and litigation and permanently damage your reputation. A construction-specific software solution that connects the entire project team in real-time with automated workflows enables seamless and smooth handling of change orders, thereby reducing communication breakdowns and costly errors. 

Integrated Data to Assess and Improve Processes 

With access to integrated data, you’ll be able to clearly analyze issues within your supply chain structure and pinpoint where they commonly occur. Ongoing analysis provides the chance to make practical, responsive improvements on a regular basis, prior to small problems blossoming into major issues that are harder to resolve. 

Improve Your Ordering Process with Renditions 

You know the challenges of managing purchase orders for multiple Builders! Renditions provides the ability to see all orders for all your Builders in one location, including non-BuildPro Builders, and be notified of changes as they come in. To learn more about how Renditions can protect your reputation and increase your bottom line, view this video, then schedule a demo to get started.