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6 Ways SupplyPro Can Improve Efficiency 

The challenges of finishing a residential building project extends far beyond delivering the right supplies to a job site on time and accurately. In residential construction, it’s common for many things to change in the course of a few hours. As such, Suppliers must stay vigilant tracking work in progress and communicate any changes or updates to Trades, sales staff and back-office personnel. Supply chain management software that enhances the ability to collaborate and seamlessly share information with stakeholders can greatly improve efficiency. Look for supply chain management solutions with the following features to get the greatest ROI. 

Direct Connection To Builders 

A product that interfaces with a widely utilized Builder construction management solution provides a common platform to streamline collaboration with Builders and all back-office and field personnel. This connectivity feature is instrumental to stakeholder compliance and keeping projects running smoothly. 

A Secure-Cloud-Based Environment

Cost management and work scheduling are critical aspects related to the residential construction industry. Suppliers and Trades need to ensure the total project cost matches the estimated budget, while delivering supplies in a timely manner to complete projects on time. A cloud-based solution eliminates the need to install and maintain high-end IT infrastructure, while improving flexibility, providing greater security, enhancing real-time collaboration and data sharing and minimizing downtime. 

Streamlined Order Management 

Being able to manage orders and communicate quickly with Builders is essential for maintaining a profitable and efficient business. The right software solution should provide an accurate view of job schedules, purchase order information and schedule and change notifications. Access to job documents and invoices in real-time ensures keeping up-to-date on orders, staying on schedule and making prompt, accurate payments. 

Efficient Document Management 

When data is siloed, valuable information can be hidden from members of a project team, negatively impacting the ability to make prompt and data-driven decisions. If you and your stakeholders are currently storing information for the same project in different data silos, this opens the door to inaccuracy, inconsistency and even costly errors. Digitally centralizing all essential documents via the cloud reduces the cost and effort of maintaining duplicate data banks and physical print production processes, while increasing security and minimizing mistakes. 

Lien Release Optimization 

Automating the lien release process ensures absolute efficiency. This feature eliminates the need to print, sign and return lien forms. Digital storage of these documents allows easy retrieval and eliminates the risk of lost or misplaced papers. With detailed access to lien reports, both you and your Builders can track which lien documents have been signed by project or by document. 

Integrated Bidding Tools 

Integrated bidding makes it simple to manage sent and received project bids—anytime and anywhere—in a matter of seconds. Since all bidding materials are accessible digitally in one place, users can add and communicate project plans, scope, specifications and regulations. Powerful and efficient supply chain management software that includes this feature eliminates wading through stacks of paper to generate bid package responses, reduces manpower costs and removes human error from the equation. 

Improve Efficiency with SupplyPro By Scheduling A Demo Today 

Hyphen SupplyPro works in tandem with BuildPro to ensure Suppliers and Home Builders are working from a single, accurate information source. SupplyPro provides complete electronic collaboration between you and your Builders, thereby reducing the need for piles of paperwork and an excessive number of phone calls. With seamless management of all your customers and orders, SupplyPro provides a robust method for improving efficiency in residential construction. 

To learn more about all the ways SupplyPro allows you to operate your business in real-time 24/7, all day and every day, schedule a demo.