SupplyPro InstallPro

The Smarter Way to Manage Products

Purpose-built for SupplyPro, InstallPro is a cutting-edge solution that allows you to quickly and electronically capture product information via your smartphone. It’s never been more convenient to index model and serial numbers, warranty registration info, delivery information or verify a clean install.

  • Electronic Product Info Capture

    Using your smartphone’s camera, you can upload and send product information by simply taking a picture of it. Additionally, you can scan model and serial information to be stored within the home file, saving you the steps of manually typing (and sometimes mistyping) information.

  • Mobile Warranty Registration

    Using your smartphone’s camera, you can scan a product for warranty registration. That once again saves you the steps of manually typing information, and also naturally creates a digital photo record of each product you register.

  • Install Verification via Mobile Photo

    The verification of a successful installation can also be done with InstallPro via your smartphone camera. By taking images to verify your install, you are certifying that the necessary installation processes took place, while simultaneously creating a visual record of each installation, which reduces call-backs and back changes.

  • Reduced Margin Erosion

    By having all of these due-diligence photos in your back pocket, you can significantly reduce margin erosion by never having to deal with call-backs from builders asking you to repair a scratch or dent that occurred after your install.

  • Delivery and Install Geo-tagging

    The geo-tagging technology inherent to InstallPro will time and date stamp your delivery or installation for your corporate records. That information can be instantly transmitted to manufacturers for the facilitation of warranty registration and accurate rebate processing.

Get the Most Out of Your SupplyPro Solutions

At Hyphen, we want suppliers to be able to use our solutions to their fullest extent. Our professional services team has the expertise necessary to partner with you to help implement our solutions, develop new tools, and build customized reports.

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