4 Ways Hyphen HomeSight Can Turn Your Website Into a 24/7 Lead Generation Machine

According to the 2022 survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), online home buying continues to be an integral part of the Homebuyer process. In fact, for 47% of recent Homebuyers, looking online at properties for sale was the first step in their buying journey versus just 18% who contacted a real estate agent. Buyers typically searched for 10 weeks and looked at an average of five homes, with four of these viewed solely online. In addition, 60% of Homebuyers conducted searches on a mobile device, 34% on a desktop/laptop and 96% used online tools.1

As evidenced by the NAR survey, it’s obvious that the majority of Homebuyers conduct research online and nearly all of them do so using online tools. If you’re wondering how to increase Homebuyer leads in the highly competitive new housing market, look no further than Hyphen HomeSight. This home visualization technology will transform your website into an effective 24/7 Homebuyer lead generation tool and ultimately convert more leads into sales. 

Attract More Homebuyer Leads with Hyphen HomeSight 

Hyphen Solutions’ industry-leading virtual design software provides a robust Home Builder lead generation tool that increases leads and conversions. Hyphen HomeSight integrates into your website, incorporating the look and feel of your logo, colors and styling to ensure your company branding is consistent. Read on to discover the ways Hyphen HomeSight can help you create a great Homebuyer experience, convert more leads to sales and grow a loyal referral base. 

An Online, Interactive Design Tool

Providing an interactive online digital tool places your communities, homes and floor plans in front of a greater number of Homebuyers. With Hyphen HomeSight, it’s possible to position your homes at the top of prospective buyers lists before they even step into your sales center. Prospects are more likely to become leads when they spend time on this interactive virtual design platform because it provides the ability to create homes that closely match what they’ve envisioned. 

A Hands-on and Fun Homebuyer Experience

Hyphen HomeSight provides a hands-on interactive experience. With the click of a button, Homebuyers can create and instantly view life-like outcomes of their design choices. It’s easy and enjoyable to explore and select the community, lot, floorplan, structural options, elevation, exterior and interior finishes, flooring options and fixtures. The ability to select all of these features in any combination puts buyers in the driver’s seat and increases confidence in their decision making. It also provides the incentive to spend more on upgrades that enhance the ability to bring their ideal home to life.

24/7 Access From Any Device

Statistics show a large number of Homebuyers prefer to do real estate research on their tablets or phones. Hyphen HomeSight offers easy-to-use mobile access, anytime, anywhere. Mobile access enables adding ideas wherever and whenever Homebuyers think of them and the ability to share a growing wish list of design features with whomever they wish in order to get feedback. 

Enhanced Productivity and Insights for Sales Teams

When a prospective Homebuyer selects and saves their choices, the home size, price range, selected features and upgrades can be shared with your sales team. This gives them a head start on the sales discovery process and enables reaching out to prospects with detailed information. Doing so puts your sales team one step closer to closing sales. Furthermore, you can perform analyses and gain invaluable insights based on the most and least popular selected options and features to guide future communities. 

Hyphen HomeSight virtual design software gives Homebuyers the power to virtually create their ideal home by selecting a wide array of options and design features. Seeing a new home spring to life in real-time generates leads, creates excitement, reduces stress and streamlines the buying process. If you want to learn more about how to get Homebuyer leads with Hyphen HomeSight, schedule a demo.

1Source: https://www.nar.realtor/research-and-statistics/research-reports/highlights-from-the-profile-of-home-buyers-and-sellers