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Keep projects on time and under budget with our digital solutions created by builders, for builders.

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Optimize process and maximize profit with our digital solutions that bridge the gap between suppliers and builders.

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Home Construction Software and Order Management Tools.

As the only online solution built to optimize the way homebuilders, suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers work together, we are proud to empower businesses all across the nation and beyond as they continue to build the future of North American homes. Manage your schedule more efficiently, streamline order processes, and get the most out of your business with the most trusted solutions in the industry.

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Hyphen Solutions By The Numbers

  • 55000 ACTIVE USERS
  • 200000 HOMES ADDED IN 2017

Meet Hyphen Solutions

Hyphen is a forward-thinking company that partners with its clients to produce the most innovative scheduling and supply chain efficiency solutions available. Our clients include 16 of the top-20 homebuilders in North America, who rely on Hyphen to provide a single source of truth during the building, purchasing, and installation processes.

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