9 Ways A Virtual Home Design Software Allows Leads To Explore Through The Home Buying Process 

In the competitive business of residential construction, your company and profitability are only as strong as your lead generation and conversion process. Most of today’s homebuyers already use technology regularly to help them make buying decisions. The more they can see and find out about a product in advance, the more comfortable they feel with their purchase. If this is true for everything from bikes to electronics, it’s not surprising that it’s also true for the largest single purchase most people ever make — their home. 

That’s why virtual home design and visualization software is such an important sales tool for Builders today. With vivid graphics and interactive features, new home construction design software helps homebuyers visualize and fall in love with their new home. That, in turn, helps you increase your leads and convert more of those leads into contracts.  

Following are some actions virtual home design software allows your prospects to take, on their way to becoming confident buyers.

1. Select the Best Community for Them

If you have multiple communities to choose from, virtual home design software can enable your buyers to view your communities on a map, learn details about individual communities and select the community that best fits their family’s needs.

2. Select the Floorplan That Fits Their Family

This software lets your homebuyers browse through your floor plans in an interactive environment and sort them easily by number of bedrooms and baths, square footage, number of floors and layout. 

3. Personalize With Structural Options

You can load structural options directly into the interactive design software and let buyers see their choices and personalize their home even further.

4. Customize the Exterior

Your homebuyers can customize the design of the exterior of the home and select from a portfolio of elevations. This helps your buyer envision themselves in their new home and also helps your sales team streamline the purchase process.

5. Select Exterior Colors

Once homebuyers have selected their floor plan and elevation, they can play with colors for their future home. These colors are true colors direct from our exterior product experts. 

6. Create a Design Wish List

Your customers can gather products and colors they like before they even come in for an appointment. Instead of rounding samples up manually, buyers can use the software to do it virtually, right at home. All their ideas will be conveniently accessible in one place, and your team will be able to start getting to know them even before they are face-to-face.

7. Select a Home Lot

Selecting a home lot is an important decision. We can help your home buyer know if the home they want will fit on the lot they’ve selected. Then they can place it on the lot and see what their new home will look like at any time of the day.

8. Book Appointments

People are used to being able to book appointments and reservations online for everywhere from spas to doctors’ offices to restaurants. Why not for your sales office? The easier you make appointments to book, the more likely your leads are to do it.

9. Move From Preferences to Design to Contract

Most home design visualization software is used only on the Builder’s website. Our process takes it a step further and integrates buyers’ preferences into design center meetings with your back-office experts.

Allow Leads To Explore The Home Buying Process with Hyphen HomeSight 

Hyphen Solutions is a forward-thinking company that partners with its customers to produce innovative solutions. We focus on software solutions that help companies in the residential building industry grow and thrive. 

If you’re ready to improve your customers’ buying experience and empower your company’s sales process with better lead generation and conversion, explore Hyphen Homesight online. Contact our experts for answers to your questions and a personal demo.