Access the Hidden Profits in Your Supply Chain 

Dr. Felix Vasquez, CEO of Hyphen Solutions, was recently on the “Construction Leading Edge” podcast to speak with Todd Dawalt about accessing hidden profits in the supply chain. Here, we’ve summarized some words of wisdom Felix shared. You can check out the links below to listen to the podcast.

How Can You Connect Suppliers Into Your Projects to Boost Productivity and Shorten Schedules?

The best way to do this is with technology. Technology like Hyphen Solutions eliminates the confusion of builders placing orders and suppliers filling them. Construction software should be able to tell the superintendent and supplier if a job isn’t ready yet. Suppliers need to have access to these systems in order to save everyone time and money. When suppliers are constantly aware of a builder’s needs, it streamlines the process and condenses building timelines.

How Do Strategies From the War on Terror Compare to the Building Process?

Just like in the war on terror, a strategy we’re using is pushing power to the people closest to the problems, which are the builders and suppliers. Suppliers need the power to see which projects are already finished and what comes next in the building strategy. The builders and suppliers also need to have a shared consciousness, which means everyone needs to have access to all the information they could possibly need. By being under one building technology platform, everyone is on the same page to complete a build.

Why Should You Adapt by Evolution Instead of Revolution?

In a revolution, it means people died fighting along the way. We don’t want builders and suppliers to stop using our technology. Being an evolutionary means adapting to change instead of fighting against it. We want to adapt to our customers’ needs.

Is There Anything Else You Should Know?

Yes! This was just a sneak peek into the podcast episode. Felix speaks with Todd about additional important information, including who the enemies of the building process are, different ways to think about failure, and a strategy to help solve the labor shortage in the construction industry. Don’t miss out!

The podcast is available on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, or Stitcher