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Everything You Need To Know About SupplyPro Connect 

In order to achieve sustainable success in residential construction, effective communication and collaboration between Suppliers and Builders is essential. Poor communication and a lack of collaboration can lead to project delays and ultimately harm both Suppliers’ and Builders’ reputations and bottom lines. Automation solutions like SupplyPro Connect make it easier than ever before to collaborate and sustain accurate and consistent communication. 

What Is SupplyPro Connect? 

SupplyPro Connect is an optional module that SupplyPro customers can activate to further streamline their order processing and collaboration with their Builder clients. With SupplyPro Connect, new orders, changes, schedules and status updates are automatically relayed into the Supplier’s current systems for accounting and order processing. With SupplyPro Connect, orders and updates can be processed and updated directly in the Supplier’s own software systems, saving time, reducing human errors and speeding up the flow of information between the Builder and Supplier.

What Software Systems Are Compliant With SupplyPro Connect?

SupplyPro Connect can connect any back-office system to SupplyPro, provided that it can connect to either of the offered API formats including SOAP XML or JSON or for a more simplistic solution, import CSV formatted files.

Can SupplyPro Connect Work Without Connecting to an API?

With Hyphen’s FTP to import service, files can be downloaded for manual import or with automation. This is the most simplistic solution that eliminates the more comprehensive technical requirements, thereby allowing companies to get up and running quickly and with ease.

Is SupplyPro Connect Compatible With Hyphen Solutions SkuSphere?

Yes, SupplyPro Connect can be used alongside SkuSphere, providing a highly streamlined solution. In this scenario, Builder orders and change orders populate Supplier’s systems with their own internal part numbers, which can also include converted quantities and converted units of measures.

Is It Possible to Control Specific Builder Values in Accounting and Order Systems?

Suppliers may require certain values from builder orders to populate specific fields in their accounting and order system. SupplyPro Connect can be configured to provide the relevant data in a format that meets the requirements of your production systems. Ensuring that your current processes and reporting can be maintained as is.

Can SupplyPro Connect push Acknowledgments and Completions back to the Builder?

Yes, SupplyPro Connect APIs will push data from SupplyPro but also allow communication back to Builders using BuildPro. If tasks have been flagged as accepted or completed in the Supplier’s system, why spend the extra time to log in to SupplyPro, accept and complete orders all over again? Let SupplyPro Connect automate that and many other processes.

What Actions Can Be Automated?

To accommodate clients with different systems and data requirements, SupplyPro Connect offers data flexibility and several methods to connect with various degrees of automation. This solution has the capability to automate orders with acknowledgement, reschedule with acknowledgement, change orders, order completions and cancellations, notes and Builder documents, completions and payment information/remittance.

Is Testing Possible Prior to Implementation?

At Hyphen Solutions, we recognize the importance of thorough testing and validation before data is fed into production systems. Our team works closely with clients to evaluate requirements and run in-depth and comprehensive tests covering all conceivable scenarios. Rest assured, no orders populate a production system until the client feels 100% comfortable with SupplyPro Connect.

Learn More About SupplyPro Connect With Hyphen 

SupplyPro Connect eliminates inaccuracies, improves communication and reduces costs. Whether you have in-house technical resources, work with third-party consultants or need additional help, the SupplyPro Connect team is dedicated to helping Suppliers like you get all your crucial pieces connected. Take the first step to achieving seamless connection, collaboration and communication by contacting us today or scheduling a demo