How Enhanced Reporting and Analytics Can Lead to Better Business Decisions 

Residential construction projects can create a large number of project management headaches, especially when they’re late and over budget. Common data issues that affect residential construction projects include repetitive reporting, reliance on multiple data systems, disorganized data, paper-based reporting and a lack of system connectivity. While nearly every Contractor has an abundance of data, a lack of the right tools to organize and analyze it equates to not having any meaningful data at all! Residential construction reporting and analytics that provide real-time data against performance enable Builders to track trends over time, transform information into insights and enhance future decision-making. Investing in and understanding how to leverage construction data analytics can improve the overall project delivery cycle for a better bottom line. Software with the following features provides more in-depth understanding of existing inefficiencies and challenges, informs decision-making and results in more accurate financial forecasts.

Export, Modify and Publish Reports Faster

Quickly tracking, monitoring and reporting on diverse performance indicators from a user-friendly dashboard is an effective way to uncover weaknesses before they wreak havoc on a Building project. Builders can make immediate changes for improved operational efficiency, safety and profitability.

Export and Share Custom Reports

The right solution should provide a quick and easy method for exporting custom reports to Excel, allowing all available data to be merged and shared with key stakeholders. 

Schedule Reports with a Subscription Service

By using subscription services to schedule reports, Builders can control delivery of the right reports with the push of a button to the right stakeholders. The subscription tool allows users to set up subscriptions for all existing reports, automatically run reports on a given schedule and email them to provided addresses.

Improve Efficiencies with Standard Reports

A software solution built for residential construction should include a wide range of standard construction reports based on firsthand experience and knowledge gained from working with Builders. Professional-looking standardized digital reports provide insights on job production levels, status, task completion, user activity and Supplier workload, to name just a few analytics.

Eliminate Fear with Disaster Recovery and Hardware Protection

In addition to cybersecurity threats, global shutdowns associated with the recent pandemic have made it crystal clear that businesses need a plan to keep their data secure. With remote access to backed-up data and files, cloud-based solutions have become the go-to answer to ensure security. Select a solution with full disaster recovery and hardware protection to eliminate the fear of losing valuable data.

Use Seamlessly with Existing Systems

Look for a solution with seamless integration into existing systems, rather than a replacement. A data analytic solution that is an integral part of existing residential construction software provides immediate accessibility and greater understanding how to use and leverage analytics—from day one.

Make Better Decisions with Hyphen BuildPro Report Connect 

An integral part of Hyphen’s flagship product BuildPro, Report Connect residential construction analytics provide answers to Builders’ most pressing questions in an intuitive, easy-to-use format. By accessing a wide range of standard and customized reports, Builders can accurately analyze data to improve current business practices and identify opportunities for future growth.

Schedule a demo to see how robust construction data analytics offered in BuildPro Report Connect deliver invaluable insights to improve time management and project processes for a healthier bottom line.