Leading Women of Hyphen Solutions

Women’s Month

As we celebrate Women's History Month, we take immense pride in shining a spotlight on the remarkable achievements of our extraordinary women executives. Their dedication, expertise, and innovative leadership have not only transformed our company but have also inspired countless others within the construction industry. Join us in honoring these four incredible women whose contributions continue to shape and redefine excellence in construction.

Human Resources

Alyssa Bisacca, VP of Human Capital

Alyssa has been an integral part of the Hyphen team for over 5 years, bringing her expertise and leadership to the Human Resources department. In her role, she oversees all HR operations and initiatives, ensuring the well-being and professional development of our team members. 

What's particularly noteworthy is that Alyssa leads a Human Resources department 100% comprised of women, highlighting her commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity within our organization. Under her guidance, the HR team has implemented various programs and policies aimed at promoting equality and supporting career growth for all employees. 

Can you share your experience working in a male-dominated industry like construction software? What are some challenges you've faced?

I've faced challenges that were largely imposed by myself, stemming from doubts about my qualifications and whether I belonged at the table, especially in an industry with significant tenure and specialization like ours. Overcoming these self-imposed hurdles required me to recognize and leverage my skills, knowledge, and education to build confidence in my abilities.

At our company, I haven't encountered gender-specific challenges. I firmly believe that if you bring value through your skills and contributions, you're respected and your voice is valued, regardless of gender. Any challenges I've faced as a woman in the workforce have been more about having the confidence to speak up and recognize my own value, which I've come to understand is a common experience for many women.

What advice would you give to other women aspiring to succeed in male-dominated fields like construction software?

Never underestimate the power of your own confidence. Allowing someone to challenge your confidence means they win, potentially robbing you of your fulfillment and goals. 

Knowing your value and what you can bring to the table is paramount, transcending the communicated responsibilities of your role. Always lead with confidence in your interactions, as the company needs your unique skill set just as much as you desire the role. Confidence is the leading characteristic that paves the way for success, surpassing mere accomplishments and daily responsibilities.


Jessica Katz, VP of Marketing

Jessica has been an integral part of the Hyphen team for over a year, serving as the head of our Marketing department. In her role, she not only leads strategic initiatives but also cultivates a collaborative and inclusive environment within the team. It's worth noting that under Jessica's leadership, the Marketing department is comprised of 80% women.

Her leadership style emphasizes mentorship, professional development, and empowerment, which has fostered a strong sense of camaraderie and cohesion among team members. Despite the challenges of navigating a male-dominated industry, Jessica's dedication to her team's success and her ability to leverage the unique strengths of each member have contributed to the department's achievements and the company's overall growth.

Can you discuss any mentors or role models who have supported and inspired you in your career?

Absolutely. I've been fortunate to have several mentors and role models throughout my career. One significant influence has been my Vistage group. It's not just a single individual, but a collective of professionals who have served as an external executive advisory board for me over the last five years. This diverse group spans different ages, genders, positions, and industries, providing a wealth of perspectives and experiences. Having their support and guidance has been invaluable for both personal and professional growth.

Alongside my Vistage group, I've found mentors and sponsors within my organizations. I believe it's crucial to highlight the importance of diverse mentorship relationships – it's empowering to have strong female mentors and is equally valuable to partner with male counterparts who believe in your potential and offer guidance. Having predominantly male mentors throughout my career and now being able to serve as a female mentor for other women – offering the guidance and support from a perspective I didn't always have access to – is a privilege I cherish deeply. Ultimately, I believe in surrounding yourself with individuals who will coach you through your failures and champion you through your successes.

What initiatives or programs do you believe could further support women's advancement and representation in the industry?

The NAHB Professional Women in Building Council (PWB) is the voice of women in the building industry, supporting nearly 14,000 women across the US, and does remarkable work to advance representation. Their efforts to support and bring together talented women in the construction and home building industry are truly commendable.

Additionally, there are various Women in Tech programs and STEM initiatives aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion. I particularly appreciate when these groups engage in outreach activities with younger generations. Inspiring the next generation of women leaders from a young age is crucial for fostering long-term change and progress.

Regarding leadership, I firmly believe in the importance of collective growth and progress. Leadership isn't about a particular position or advancing oneself at the expense of others, but rather lifting each other up. Progress doesn't happen in a silo — it's a collaborative effort.


Kristen Reinart, SVP of Finance

Kristen's tenure at Hyphen spans an impressive seven years, during which she has played a pivotal role in overseeing the Payments/Accounting department. Notably, her leadership has cultivated a team where women make up 70% of the department—a testament to her commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity within the organization. 

Can you share a success story or achievement from your career that you're particularly proud of?

In general, I've experienced significant career advancement in the first decade after graduating. I swiftly climbed the ranks in public accounting, before transitioning away from public accounting and ultimately attaining a VP position by the age of 30. However, a lingering concern for me was the fact that most of my peers held master's degrees, whereas I did not.

To address this gap, I decided to pursue further education. In 2020, I enrolled at LSU and in 2022 earned my MBA with an emphasis in Emerging Technology (Geaux Tigers!). Juggling these academic pursuits alongside full-time work and parenting was undoubtedly challenging, but I'm incredibly proud of the initiative I took and the accomplishments I've achieved.

What advice would you give to other women aspiring to succeed in male-dominated fields like construction software?

I would advise not to dwell on the fact that it's a male-dominated field. Instead, focus on pursuing your passion and doing what brings you joy. Work hard and don't allow your gender to diminish your confidence or hold you back.

In my experience, while there are exceptions, I've found that most men are open to having women at the table. However, it's essential for women to assert themselves, speak up, and make their voices heard. Be willing to engage in discussions with the same assertiveness as your male counterparts.

Product Development

Sungcha Mackey, VP of Product Development

Sungcha's 7-year tenure at Hyphen leading a 38% female Product Development team underscores the company's commitment to diversity. Her leadership fosters innovation and inclusivity, contributing to both team effectiveness and Hyphen's reputation as an inclusive workplace promoting gender equality and employee satisfaction.

Can you share your experience working in a male-dominated industry like construction software? What are some challenges you've faced?

I have been fortunate to have my accomplishments recognized and granted opportunities that have excelled my career in construction software. I acknowledge that this is not the norm for many women in the tech and construction industries. Although mostly positive, my experience has not come without challenges. As a woman leading tech and as a woman of color, the opportunities to share relatable experiences with other women in the same roles are minimal to none in the workplace. This can be difficult when navigating experiences when oftentimes I am the only woman in the room.

What advice would you give to other women aspiring to succeed in male-dominated fields like construction software?

Accept the challenge as an opportunity to open doors and become a role model for the women coming up behind you. Do not be afraid to speak up and share your perspective. Your opinions are as valuable as those around you.

Project Management, Chameleon Power by Hyphen Solutions

Karen Vinette, VP of Project Management

Karen joined Hyphen Solutions after the acquisition of Chameleon Power's visualization software over two years ago. As a leader, she oversees the Development, UI/UX, and QA departments, with a significant 33% representation of women. Her tenure reflects commitment to diversity and expertise in fostering inclusive teams.

What advice would you give to other women aspiring to succeed in male-dominated fields like construction software?

My advice to other women aspiring to succeed in a male-dominated field is to not be afraid to make your voice heard. We are often taught that making peace and being kind is more important. I want to change this not only with my own daughters but also for the women that work with and for me. My biggest hope is that they know that they have an open door if needed but they have ownership in their roles and that their work and decisions matter. That having a family isn’t a weakness, but an ongoing testament to the strength of women.

Can you discuss any mentors or role models who have supported and inspired you in your career?

I haven’t had many female supervisors that have served as a mentor to me, but I am daily inspired by the women that I work with. They show up every day and get it DONE. We understand each other and what it takes to juggle too much at times. I could not do what I do every day without their support. And I am forever grateful to have built up a team of people, both women and men, who feel more like friends than co-workers.