4 Ways A Home Warranty Management Software Can Help Improve Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction 

Although Home Builders make every effort to construct dream houses for every Homebuyer, certain things may be overlooked, especially when Builders, Subcontractors and Trades are operating at full capacity to meet deadlines. In a recent study of 560 new homeowners, 24% said their home didn’t pass the first inspection, although 32% of these were minor issues. According to the study, home inspections uncovered issues with HVAC systems, finishes, drainage, structural elements, leaks or water damage, the foundation, drafty door/windows, roofs and non-functioning electrical outlets.1 

While every Builder wants to avoid these issues, prompt and efficient warranty management can enable closing on schedule, increasing homeowner satisfaction, getting referrals and ultimately protecting one’s bottom line. Look for a home warranty management system that delivers the following benefits.

Ensure All Stakeholders Have Important Information 

When you receive a homeowner warranty request, you’ll have instant access to information including their contact info, address, photos, digital schematics, blueprints, specifications and other information related to their home and repair. This makes it far easier to schedule a customer service representative to go out and look at the problem or Trades to repair the issue—at a convenient time for the homeowner. 

Improve Communication with Real-Time Interaction 

Receiving warranty requests from homeowners on your computer or tablet eliminates the need for leaving messages and connecting by phone. By providing real-time interaction with homeowners, Trades and Suppliers, the right solution eliminates downtime typically waiting for actions and responses. An automated process and mobile access reduces the number of required steps and speeds up total response time, thereby improving homeowner satisfaction. 

Enhance Job Tracking and Response 

The ability to log and track all communication creates a thorough audit trail, so you won’t have to worry about a request or repair not being addressed. Easy-to-use dashboards provide a view of all submitted, acknowledged, shipped, received and completed work orders. Once the job is done, the repair person can take notes and photos to document completion and have the homeowner sign off with a fingertip signature on their mobile phone. 

Inform Problem-Solving and Decision-Making 

The entire life cycle of the home is available in one easy-to-use portal, including all POs, work performed, documentation on building the home and servicing the warranty. With access to this invaluable information, Builders can make informed decisions based on facts. For example, gaining insights about a high incidence of HVAC issues or drafty door/windows enables identifying the Subcontractors or Trades who performed the original work, discussing the issues with them and avoiding these problems on future projects.

Improve Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction with Warranty Management 

Hyphen Solutions electronic Warranty Management is a fully integrated feature of BuildPro, a comprehensive home building management software used by 21 out of the top 26 Home Builders in America. Hyphen Warranty allows Builders to leverage all their existing job information, dating back 15 years or more, to efficiently manage post-construction homeowner satisfaction. The Warranty tool enables homeowners to easily request warranty service via any device, while also allowing Builders to manage and track warranty issues and communicate to Trades using Hyphen SupplyPro. 

An optimized warranty experience improves homeowner satisfaction, which can lead to great reviews and ultimately grow your brand. Discover how Hyphen Solutions Warranty Management can speed up responses to your homeowners, improve communication and make home warranty management easier than ever before! Contact one of our experts or schedule a demo today!

1Source: https://www.nar.realtor/magazine/real-estate-news/most-common-inspection-problems-uncovered-in-new-homes