What is BRIX and How Does it Help Home Builders? 

What is BRIX? 

If your office has ever tried working with separate software systems for accounting, estimating, project management, document management, etc., you may already be familiar with the downsides — lack of communication among departments and tasks, multiple training paths, repetitive data input, delays in finding and accessing specific information, plus multiple licensing fees, maintenance agreements and vendors to deal with. The alternative is an all-in-one cloud-based residential construction enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with accounting. Hyphen’s fully integrated cloud-based ERP software BRIX offers access to the most efficient solutions available, no matter how many projects you handle each year. BRIX lets you and your team control job costing, purchasing, accounting, production, reporting and more. In one place...with one system. Enabling real-time communication and accessibility to all the important team members who keep your business and projects moving smoothly.

6 Ways BRIX ERP Software Helps Home Builders

Here are six ways Hyphen’s BRIX software helps Home Builders manage their business and projects more efficiently. 

1. Job and production cost accountability

You can customize the way you manage your budget with the construction job costing capabilities of BRIX. Within the software, you can generate orders, assemble subcontractor agreements and view job-specific pricing. BRIX eases the complex task of job costing by tracking every expense related to individual projects. You can get detailed breakdowns of job costs by division, region, cost code and vendor as well as project. Use this information for client billing, future estimates and improving your cash flow. 

2. Purchasing transparency

Purchase orders are integral to your business and, in fact, depending on the size of your projects, you may be dealing with hundreds of different POs from multiple vendors. BRIX helps you streamline purchase order processing and, with centralized access, gain more transparency into your costs. Linking your purchase orders to the relevant job budgets can let you quickly see when jobs are in danger of going over budget and enable you to take proactive steps to correct the problem, balance out costs and protect narrow profit margins.

3. Accounts payable and general ledger consolidation

Tracking and paying all bills accurately is critical for any business, but especially in residential construction where accounts payable are an important component of your customer invoicing. You need to know how much you are spending — and when — in order to know how much to charge and when. Through BRIX, you can standardize and automate your AP process, schedule payments at optimal times and run regular, customized reports to help determine your cash flow needs. 

You can also consolidate your finances and automatically calculate accruals and interest, automate tax calculation, produce 1099s and W2s, and efficiently develop robust and accurate financial statements for your business. 

4. Payroll ease

Home Builders can use BRIX software to apply wages at multiple levels, create custom deductions, and produce W-2 forms. You can also print employee payroll checks and track their deposit status, all within the BRIX platform.

5. Automated tax calculation

Tax season can be considerably less stressful with BRIX ERP integrated software. All of the information needed for tax preparation is already gathered in one place and ready to be automatically entered and calculated. BRIX allows you to create, view, and share tax information with vendors.

6. Detailed accounting and business intelligence reports

BRIX includes accounting reports such as vendor analysis, general liability and workers’ compensation reports, all in one place. In the competitive environment of today’s residential building industry, however, you may need more. You may need detailed business data to help you develop effective strategies for growth and better profitability. Simplifying and strengthening Home Builder reporting and data analysis, informXL’s Analyzer is a Microsoft® Excel-based reporting solution that pairs with BRIX. Analyzer lets Home Builders quickly transform data collected in BRIX into actionable custom reports that support informed business decision-making in multiple departments. 

Build Efficiency and Profits with BRIX ERP Software

Hyphen Solutions is a forward-thinking company that partners with its clients to produce innovative Home Builder and supply chain solutions. As the leading cloud-based software provider in the construction management industry, we bring more than 20 years of know-how and collaborative development to the design of our BRIX ERP solution. Since 2010, BRIX software has been used to process the construction of more than 50,000 homes.

Properly selecting Home Builder Management software like Hyphen Solutions’ BRIX can help you build homes efficiently, sell homes quickly and grow your business in a competitive industry. To learn more, visit hyphensolutions.com and download Hyphen’s Step-By-Step Guide To Building A Stronger Business with Home Builder Management Software. Or schedule a demo to talk to a Hyphen Solutions expert about how adopting BRIX gives you the tools you need to make your business thrive.