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Why Using An ERP For Accounting Is Worth Your While

Using accounting software provides more efficiency than doing your accounting tasks by hand or with a simple spreadsheet. That’s good. However, you can take another step up in efficiency by using a Home Builder Management Software, otherwise known as an Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP) for your accounting. ERPs are a type of software designed to create a common platform, or home base, that provides access to all stakeholders and integrates with other systems.

Residential construction is a very collaborative industry. By enabling all company departments and external parties involved in a project to easily and smoothly share a variety of information, an ERP makes teamwork easier and more productive. 

1. An ERP Simplifies 

Because an ERP uses one interface for every process from billing and estimating to logistics and scheduling, your entire staff can be trained together on one platform. If you have a small office, this allows staff members to understand and perform multiple duties. If you have a larger office, it enables departments to easily exchange information electronically, without duplicate data entry, updating, downloading or the need for print-outs. An ERP can also reduce the need for the extensive IT talent needed to support a fragmented software platform.

2. An ERP Evolves 

ERPs are designed to expand as your business does. They also adapt as new software functionality becomes available to the industry. Your company isn’t standing still and neither is technology. A modular ERP solution allows you to use only the modules your company needs now and add new ones as your needs increase or new and better solutions are developed. 

3. An ERP Does Much More 

Accounting software does a subset of what an ERP can do. ERPs are involved in total resource management. And because resources like human work hours, product life cycles, performance units, equipment deployment, customer relationships, etc. all have an impact on your bottom line, an integrated ERP with accounting gives you more financial insight than any standalone accounting software. At the same time, it can improve workflow and productivity across your organization. 

BRIX - Residential Construction ERP with Accounting

Hyphen Solutions’ BRIX is a fully integrated enterprise resource platform that allows any size Home Builder to access the most efficient solutions available. With thousands of users across hundreds of Builders, BRIX lets you control purchasing, production, accounting, costs and reporting all in one streamlined cloud-based program. Its features include: 

  • Orders, Subcontractor agreements, job pricing information 
  • Budget tracking — purchases, loans, deposits 
  • Scheduling, field-production 
  • Vendor and supplier control 
  • Homeowner management and interaction 
  • General ledger and accounts payable 
  • Payroll 
  • Automated tax calculation 
  • Sales and marketing 
  • Dashboards and advanced report capabilities 

Learn more about BRIX and Hyphen’s comprehensive selection of modules and integrated software for other operational functions by visiting hyphensolutions.com and download Hyphen’s Step-By-Step Guide To Building A Stronger Business with Home Builder Management Software