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Hyphen Solutions is proud to announce our acquisition of a fully integrated ERP system, BRIX.

Hyphen Solutions, LLC Announces Acquisition of BRIX Homebuilder Software for Single & Multifamily Builders

DALLAS, TX, February 13, 2016 /PRNewsire/ -- The leading cloud-based construction management software company, Hyphen Solutions, LLC, announces the acquisition of BRIX software, a leading provider of cloud-based, homebuilding enterprise resource planning software.

BRIX, based in Austin, TX, delivers cloud-based job-cost, production, purchasing, general ledger, accounting, reporting and payroll functions in a unified format.  The offerings currently help to plan and build approximately 11,000 homes annually and have been used by some of the largest builders in America for 30 years.

Felix Vasquez, President and CEO of Hyphen, stated, “For years, our clients have asked Hyphen to deliver solutions that meet the entirety of software requirements of homebuilders, as opposed to just those that require the participation of the supply chain.  This acquisition represents a significant step in closing the gap of features that Hyphen provides the industry.  We believe this software will help us deliver, for our clients, a perfect representation of what software should do for homebuilders, trade partners, distributors, and manufacturers.  The BRIX software, combined with our technology, allows users to more distinctly identify and report on every product installed in a new home.  The acquisition will allow Hyphen to start the orchestration of data integrity sooner in the construction process to provide better visibility to the supply chain.  Current BRIX customers will see more mature processes and workflows, enhanced support, and a new product roadmap.” 

Stacy Eleuterius, CEO of BRIX, mentioned, “We are excited about this transaction as it demonstrates how impactful years of product development have been and will continue to be.  Our current clients will be thrilled to have the additional support and impressed as the product improves over the next few years.  Hyphen was really the only team that understood what our solution did well while also agreeing to show our customers a significant improvement in features and service.”

Hyphen integrates with all major ERP vendors and invites any construction-related ERP (Builder or Supplier-oriented) company to join the largest supply chain network in delivering technology and automation solutions to vendors, installers, and manufacturers.  For more information, please email Hyphen at Buildprosales@hyphensolutions.com.

About Hyphen Solutions:

Hyphen Solutions, LLC provides over 45,000 builders, installers, and manufacturers with industry-leading supply chain scheduling, procurement, and collaboration solutions. Hyphen’s SaaS applications deliver greater operational control, better communications and increased productivity for both homebuilders and building partners who use our applications. The Hyphen Network services over 400 builder divisions, which processed more than 150,000 new homes on the system in 2016. The network will execute over 20 million home builder purchase orders this year, representing more than $22 billion in PO value.

Hyphen's product base includes: Hyphen BuildPro for scheduling, Hyphen SupplyPro for trade management, Hyphen BidConnect for bidding, SupplyPro Connect for trade automation, SupplyPro Field Management Services for Supplier field personnel, Hyphen Renditions for Supplier automation, SkuSphere for product identification, cataloging and presentation, Hyphen Inspections for punchlist management, Hyphen Storm Water Inspections Management for SWPPP inspections, Hyphen Progress Pay for land management, Hyphen Lien Release for lien waiver management, and Hyphen Warranty for homeowner satisfaction.


To learn more about Hyphen, please visit www.hyphensolutions.com or contact Hyphen Solutions at sales@hyphensolutions.com or 972-728-8100

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