Introducing BRIX 3.0: Residential Home Builder ERP with a Cloud-Based Web Application

Dallas, Texas –  October 2023 – We are thrilled to announce the launch of BRIX 3.0 – the cloud-based ERP you know and trust, crafted specifically for the Residential Construction industry, is now available as a web application. This fully integrated accounting solution is not just a customization of a generic ERP; it's a dedicated system, meticulously designed with the unique needs of Home Builders in mind. BRIX 3.0 builds upon the trusted foundation of an industry-tested desktop application, propelling Home Builders into a modern realm of enhanced efficiency, accessibility and security, all while significantly controlling costs. 

Residential Home Builders have long grappled with the challenge of streamlining information flow, optimizing business processes and most importantly — controlling construction costs, margins and sales prices. BRIX 3.0 addresses these challenges head-on, especially with its top-of-the-line purchasing module. This feature stands out by automating cost control processes, thereby redefining success in the industry through a simplified management approach that generates insightful analytics and integrates business operations seamlessly. 

What You'll Love About the Web Application 

  • Cloud-Based Advancement:  Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional desktop software. BRIX 3.0 harnesses the power of the cloud, enabling users to access their platform from any browser, which significantly enhances workflow flexibility and efficiency. 
  • Expanding Access:  We've broken down compatibility barriers — BRIX 3.0 is browser-agnostic, welcoming a wider audience, including MacBook users. This broadened access overcomes the limitation of the desktop application, which was tied to Internet Explorer. 
  • Robust Security:  Rest easy knowing BRIX 3.0 prioritizes the security of your data. With SOC 1 compliance, your information is safeguarded following the highest industry standards.
  • Industry-Specific Design:  BRIX 3.0 is a specialized tool. Our system is built for Home Builders, focusing on the specific challenges and needs of the industry, leaning into the crucial aspect of cost management.

    BRIX 3.0 is more than just a software upgrade; it's a shift in how Residential Home Builders operate, analyze data and achieve economic success. The intuitive interface and dedicated features like the advanced purchasing module empower businesses to maximize efficiencies, automate cost controls and elevate operations to new levels. 

    Whether you're a seasoned professional in the industry or a newcomer aiming to carve your niche, BRIX 3.0 is engineered to meet your demands. It's not just about keeping up; it's about leading, and with BRIX 3.0, Home Builders are equipped to lead from the front. Welcome to the future of Residential Home Building! 

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    About Hyphen Solutions 

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Hyphen Solutions has developed BRIX 3.0 as a web application to streamline operations, generate valuable insights and integrate business processes seamlessly.