BuildPro Stormwater Inspection Management

Be Compliant With EPA Best Management Practices, in Real-Time

Stormwater pollution is a serious environmental issue that can be harmful to aquatic life, wildlife, habitats and human health. As a Home Builder, stormwater management is federally mandated and essential for protecting clean water in communities where you’re building and adjacent neighborhoods. Stormwater inspection software facilitates the process of maintaining compliance with Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) and the Clean Water Act, during both building development and construction.

At Hyphen Solutions, we’ve made it easy for Builders to implement a storm management plan with our Storm Water Inspection Management (SWIM) application.

The SWIM module is an integrated component of BuildPro, making it especially intuitive if you’re a current BuildPro or SupplyPro user. Automated tracking and reporting within the module ensures you meet all required federal laws, including ad-hoc inspections. The easy-to-use Knowledge Base provides quick and simple configuration, thereby reducing configuration downtime. From detection and documentation to corrective action, BuildPro's SWIM makes it simpler than ever before to manage and comply with your SWPPP, thereby saving you significant time and money. 

The SWIM module is an exceptional tool to help Builders comply with federal laws without sacrificing speed. If you’re looking for stormwater compliance solutions, schedule a demo today to learn more about how Hyphen’s stormwater management software takes the stress out of stormwater inspection compliance!

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  • Avoid Costly Mistakes

    By digitizing inspections, paperwork errors and misinterpretations are a thing of the past. Accuracy has never been higher, which is exactly what this government process calls for.

  • Provide Documentation

    Electronic storage lends itself to easy retrieval. No more hunting down lost paper reports, no more bulky filing cabinets, no more mistakes. SWIM makes it quick and easy to retrieve documents at any time.

  • Portability

    Being a cloud-based digital product, you can access and utilize SWIM to manage Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans from anywhere, including the cab of your truck.

  • Ease of Use

    SWIM is a module integrated within BuildPro, making it easier to use on an already familiar interface. Three easy-to-use buttons guide you through the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan, simplifying the process.

  • Ease of Configuration

    SWIM comes equipped with an easy to use Knowledge Base for quick, simple configuration. Reducing configuration downtime just one way we’re streamlining this process.

  • Easy Defect Planning

    It’s remarkably easy to create corrective action plans during any of your inspections. From detection, to documentation, to corrective action, BuildPro’s SWIM makes it easier than ever to adhere to SWPPPs.

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