BuildPro Trade Finder

A Vendor Search that Puts You in Control

As a residential Home Builder, you know firsthand that hiring the best Subcontractors and Trades is essential to maintaining your hard-earned reputation as a company that delivers reliable, prompt and consistently high-quality work. You’re also aware that finding and hiring local Subcontractors and Trades can be challenging, in part due to labor shortages and fierce competition. 

Trade Finder is a free feature of Hyphen's BuildPro software created specifically to help residential Builders find the best Trades and Subcontractors. Using this simple yet powerful construction software can facilitate the process of communicating and hiring the best Trades, right from the start. 

Trade Finder provides immediate access to an established and reputable building and construction directory to easily search for common or unique capabilities and company profiles, including a range of invaluable company information and Builder references. Trade Finder's user-friendly search engine provides an instant and reliable method to expand your base of Trades and Subcontractors to look up detailed company profiles such as areas of expertise, area codes of operation, years of operation, number of employees and completed projects, promotional statements and more including side-by-side comparisons. And, as an added bonus,  you can use BuildPro to look up reputable Trades who are already using the Hyphen SupplyPro platform. 

Schedule a demo to learn more about how Trade Finder can optimize your ability to find and hire the best construction vendors, stay ahead of your competitors, protect your reputation and increase your profits.

Product Resources

  • Find New Trades

    Searching for new trades is key to finding the best vendor at the best price point. By comparing trades, you can truly vet candidates based on their credentials, regardless of whether or not you’ve worked with them in the past.

  • Decisions Made Simple

    Trade Finder provides you with invaluable, genuine data about the trades in your area. All the information you need is in one central location, ensuring you can make informed, intelligent decisions about which trades to use based upon real, reliable facts.

  • Search Capability

    Utilize Trade Finder's easy to use the search engine to search by trade, area code of operation, years in business and more. This gives you the ability to quickly and conveniently sort through trades for unique homebuilding tasks.

  • Real-Time Updates

    When trades update their company information, the data is immediately pushed live so you can be sure that only the latest and most pertinent information is at your fingertips.

  • Compare Trades

    Execute side-by-side comparisons of trades, ensuring you find the one that’s right for your project. Trade Finder gives builders all the facts about different trades and provides the ability to compare experience and capabilities.

  • Virtual Storefront

    Trade Finder gives Trades the ability to create an internet webpage (storefront) in which they can present their experience and expertise.

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