BuildPro: Residential Construction Supply Chain Management Software

BuildPro is the leader in Home Builder scheduling and project management software. Uniting Home Builders with their Trades, Suppliers and Contractors for improved communication and accountability in a single platform, BuildPro helps Builders complete new home construction projects efficiently and accurately.

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*Statistics reflect the year 2022

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The Largest Home Builder Supply Chain Management Software in North America

BuildPro connects Home Builders with Contractors, Trades and Suppliers in the home building process, all in one platform. BuildPro takes home building scheduling and supply chain management online, providing real-time information with greater accuracy and efficiency. 

Schedule and execute new home build projects in less time with less effort than ever before by using BuildPro to receive and approve bids, schedule Suppliers and approve purchase orders. BuildPro is the most powerful, comprehensive residential construction management software on the market, which is why the majority of top Home Builder trust BuildPro every day. By easing Supplier communications and reducing risk, BuildPro makes your job much easier, freeing up time to focus on taking your business to new heights.

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At Hyphen Solutions, we want Builders to be able to use our solutions to their fullest extent. Our professional services team has the expertise necessary to partner with you to help implement our Home Builder project management software into your processes, develop new tools and build customized reports. As a legacy in the industry, we make it easy to get started with BuildPro.

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BuildPro FAQs

BuildPro is an integrated residential construction management software that helps manage and streamline building and supply chain processes. The cloud-based platform enables Home Builders, Suppliers, Manufacturers and Distributors to use separate modules to handle operations serving their businesses.

BuildPro delivers a dynamic and automated supply chain approach that gives everyone in the ecosystem a single integration into an entire construction management network eliminating waste and accelerating cash flow and visibility with partners, Suppliers and customers.

BuildPro actually has two convenient calendar views for the Home Builder: 2-Week and Drag & Drop. The 2-Week Calendar shows the job and task name and has a link to the Mobile JME scheduling page. Also, this calendar has the check box to email the Supplier’s schedule. The Drag & Drop calendar shows task name (for the chosen job) and allows you to drill into the task using the Supplier name and allows users to take other actions. Drag & Drop also has a Supplier view that lets you choose a Supplier and see all jobs/tasks for that Supplier across all communities.

The construction app for BuildPro requires an active subscription to the construction management software to download the app. Click here to sign up or request a free demo.