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Automate Your Construction Purchase and Procurement Orders

SupplyPro Connect has made working within the home building supply chain simple. This construction purchase order and procurement solution takes the information found in SupplyPro transactions and automates the data into a trade partner’s project management system. For trades, vendors and suppliers, the process is as simple as storing and using their builder’s SKU numbers as part of the released purchase order. This solution eliminates inaccuracy, improves communication and reduces cost.

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  • Complex Made Simple

    SupplyPro Connect helps trade partners and builders accelerate decision making, reduce costs and improve responsiveness. Accuracy is highly increased and communications are vastly improved.

  • No Manual Input

    SupplyPro Connect takes information found in SupplyPro transactions (purchase orders, change orders, etc.) and inputs this data directly into your back office systems (order processing, accounting, inventory management, etc.) This frees up your employees’ valuable time to concentrate on orders that require additional handling or corrections.

  • Eliminate Incorrect Orders

    By providing your most up-to-date product information, builders can rest assured knowing they’re not ordering the wrong products at the wrong time. More than that, they can access this info anytime, from anywhere.

  • Streamlined Communication

    SupplyPro Connect improves the accuracy of information exchanged and drastically reduces the time spent reconciling orders. Your team can communicate pricing and item errors to the builder in real-time, eliminating headaches across the board. Additionally, your systems can automatically respond to builder changes after hours, making you the most responsive and customer-centric trader partner possible.

  • Efficient Deliveries

    SupplyPro Connect dramatically improves the timing and accuracy of delivered materials. Costly dry runs are kept at a minimum, which keeps builders happy, leading to more business for suppliers.

  • Control Specifics

    You have full control over which transactions you’d like to be automated and which ones you don't. The power is in the hands of your team, and you can automate as much or as little as you’d like.

Get the Most Out of Your SupplyPro Solution

With SupplyPro Connect as your construction purchase order and procurement software, you can start automating routine tasks and spend your time where it will make the biggest impact. Talk to a Hyphen Solutions expert about how SupplyPro Connect can help your business.

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SupplyPro Connect FAQ

Clients using any back-office system can benefit from SupplyPro Connect provided that they can connect to either of the offered API formats including SOAP XML or JSON or for a more simplistic solution, import.

Yes, with our FTP to import service you can download files to import manually or with automation. This is our most simple solution that eliminates the more comprehensive technical requirements allowing you to get up and running quickly with ease.

Yes, SupplyPro Connect can be used alongside SkuSphere, providing a highly streamlined solution. In this scenario, builder orders and change orders populate your system with your internal part numbers which can also include your converted quantities and converted units of measures.

Absolutely, SupplyPro Connect offers a standard set of data elements and you can decide what values you want to consume and where they should be reflected in your system. Should you require transformation or interpretation of SupplyPro data to make it align with your system’s needs, our team can also help with that.

Yes, SupplyPro Connect APIs will push data from SupplyPro but also allows communication back to your builders using BuildPro. If you have flagged a task as accepted or completed in your own system, why spend the extra time to log in to SupplyPro, bring up the order and accept and complete it again. 

Let SupplyPro Connect automate that and many other processes.

Absolutely. We recognize the importance of thorough testing and validation before we turn on the taps and start feeding data to your production system. Our team will work closely with you and your team to evaluate your requirements and run through comprehensive tests, covering all conceivable scenarios. No orders will populate your production system until you’re 100% comfortable.

Our team can build custom reports including Job Schedule data, Future Orders report or any order related reports as part of our Data Usage program.

SupplyPro GM, the Next Generation of SupplyPro

SupplyPro GM is a cloud-based software solution specifically designed for residential contractors, trades and suppliers. Successfully manage large volumes of construction jobs with ever changing scopes and schedules and automate your workflow with real-time communication between office, field and builder.

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