SupplyPro Document Management

Real-Time Digital Document Management

Hyphen Solution's Document Manager empowers suppliers to digitally centralize all necessary documents within their organization via the cloud. This reduces costly and time-consuming processes surrounding physical print production, increases security and minimizes mistakes.

  • No More Printing

    Drastically reduce the cost of distributing documents both internally and externally. Since documents are made available online in SupplyPro and BuildPro, they no longer have to be printed and distributed manually. That year-over-year cost savings can be substantial.

  • Improved Accuracy

    When revisions are made to documents, there is no longer a need to print the new version and ensure that it is distributed properly. New versions are immediately made available online with a link to previous versions for review purposes.

  • Updates Listing

    All parties (suppliers, builders, and trades) can easily see which new and updated documents have been added to the system via the "New Documents List." Document Management gives you the means to upload, share, storeand instantly retrieve digitized documents anytime, anywhere in moments.

  • Controlled Security

    Role-based security gives you complete control over who has access to which documents. Authorized managers can update, edit, or delete only the documents/folders made available to them. You may also decide which individuals can add or access documents at various levels.

  • Format Agnostic

    Hyphen Solutions Document Management accepts all major formats. Including Word Docs, PDFs, RTFs GIFs, JPGs, DWFs, PNGs, TIFFs, Hyperlinks and many more.

  • History Tracking

    Document tracking is continually updated and kept, including a full history of all versions of each and every document along with any party who has accessed it. Document Management eliminates the grey area. The facts are always at your fingertips.

Get the Most Out of Your SupplyPro Solutions

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