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SupplyPro Lien Release

Automated Lien Release Processing

The ultimate goal of Lien Release is to automate lien processing to a point of absolute efficiency. First by merging payment data into a user-selected lien document, then by automatically sending the document to your SupplyPro dashboard, the lien process has never been faster.

  • Electronic Signatures

    There is no longer a need to wait to print, sign, and return lien forms. You can simply electronically sign the document and send it directly from SupplyPro to BuildPro. This saves both time and money, and keeps projects moving efficiently.

  • No More Printing

    Since the process is completely electronic, there is no physical paperwork, no faxing and no delivering of documentation. Lien Release users automatically receive alerts when a document is signed.

  • Store Documents

    All documents are automatically stored in the Document Management system. This allows for easy retrieval and all but erases physical paperwork.

  • Risk Aversion

    Lien Release eliminates the risk of lost or misplaced documents and forms. Detailed access is given to Lien reports, allowing suppliers and builders to keep track of which lien documents have been signed by project or by document.

  • Real-Time Transactions

    All transactions are secure, occur in real-time, and are essentially instantaneous. Over the course of an entire year suppliers can save a substantial amount of time.

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