5 Qualities of a Good Home Construction Supplier

How SupplyPro GM gives you an edge.

Supplying the home building industry isn’t the easiest job in the world. In a highly competitive industry with tight time frames and budgets, multiple trades and changes that can happen frequently and without warning, you must keep on your toes to be a trusted and effective partner to your builders.

Here are five important qualities that your business needs to thrive. SupplyPro GM supports each one.

  1. Responsiveness. Not only do you have to be reachable by your customers anytime, but you also need answers to their questions at your fingertips wherever you are. Construction managers often can’t wait.

SupplyPro GM is a cloud-based software solution that lets you or authorized members of your team access information from any device at any time. If you receive a customer inquiry while away from the office, you are still able to immediately provide product information and availability, delivery time frames, etc. You can collaborate and share information on schedules, completions, and pricing with your customers through the built-in customer portal. For instance, during a project, you can give the builder’s team real-time visibility into resources, pricing information, and scheduling.

  1. Reliability. Of course, you need to be able to deliver what your builder needs, exactly when and where it’s needed...safely.

By connecting procurement and inventory with customer orders and scheduling, SupplyPro GM provides outstanding forecasting of material and resource requirements. Scheduling of installation and delivery can be optimized to minimize waste and ensure that the crew arriving on the job site always has the right qualifications. Best of all, all this information is accessible immediately to everyone who needs it from whatever device they’re using.

Stay compliant with regulations and best practices to keep everybody safe. Enforce field safety procedures with checklists, safety forms and keep everyone accountable with digital signatures and site photos.

  1. Flexibility. Change orders — they will happen. Residential construction is a dynamic process.

SupplyPro GM integrates seamlessly with Hyphen’s BuildPro solutions. When you work in a system that’s joined at the hip with your builder’s production system, changes and revisions can be communicated automatically and instantly to your office and field staff. This enables you to respond quickly and automatically update your builder.

  1. Good Communication. Communication of updates, progress and issues is key to every successful building project. The biggest problem in construction supply and management is making sure everyone is on the same page all the time.

SupplyPro GM offers strong options for keeping your crew and customers updated on progress and potential issues as they occur. You can configure the system to provide automatic or conditional notifications via email or text to key personnel whenever updates are entered in the app from the office or field. This is especially valuable in passing timely information between your field staff and your builder’s field personnel.

  1. Knowledge. Experience is a great teacher. However, not all your field personnel have the same experience. How do you ensure they can reach the same skill level?

SupplyPro GM provides step-by-step instructions, checklists, manuals, and other documentation to guide staff to execute tasks properly and safely. It gives all your field staff access to relevant documentation, videos and installation instructions. You can also use detailed report data to review past issues and strategize improvements in work procedures throughout every part of your business.

SupplyPro GM is a complete general management software system from Hyphen Solutions. It is designed specifically for suppliers in the construction industry and is customizable to fit your business needs and help you execute jobs efficiently. It can not only help you be a better partner to your builders, but also aid in running your in-house operations more effectively. To learn more, schedule a demo today.