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5 Ways To Streamline Residential Home Inspection 

As an inspection contractor, you deal with a lot of POs, inspectors and tasks every day — adding up to a mountain of administrative work. You also have to ensure that orders, schedules, completions, etc. are communicated accurately and promptly among your office staff, field inspectors and builders. Since the margins on inspections are very tight, it’s critical that you make the process as efficient as possible and don’t eat up all your profits just trying to get the job done. 

Here are five effective ways to streamline your inspection process and maximize your profits. 

1. Automate Order Entry

Nothing speeds up the inspection process like automating order entry. By adding software that can pull orders automatically and directly from your builders into a new order inbox — complete with all of the information you need to set up the job — you save time and effort on data entry for your office staff and put your inspectors to work more quickly. You can also verify all information from the start, saving potential confusion and headaches on site.

2. Facilitate Communication Among Stakeholders

Having a mobile software solution that facilitates communication among your office staff, inspectors and builders will also save time and trouble. You can ensure everyone is on the same page in real time, with a shared understanding of the job, any special circumstances or requirements, changes, progress and results. Questions can be quickly addressed and problems solved without delay.

3. Simplify Coordination of Inspector Schedules and Routing

If you are looking to maximize productivity, you want to make the most of every moment of your inspectors’ days. Waiting around between jobs, extensive travel time between sites, backtracking on routes and getting lost are all counter-productive. The solution is a software platform that allows you to easily view all your inspectors’ schedules and locations and assign them to new jobs on the basis of availability and convenience. It’s even better to have a map interface through which you can help your inspectors by sharing the quickest route from one appointment to the next.  

4. Gain Real-Time Visibility Into Field Tasks

Real-time tracking of every inspector’s progress can enable you to always know who is available for the next job, when inspections may be behind schedule and when you need to move resources around to stay on top of the workload. Giving your builders access to progress information can cut down on inquiries and reassure them that you are addressing their needs in a responsive and timely manner.

5. Move Inspection Reports From Paper to Mobile Software 

You can significantly boost productivity when you move your reporting process from paper to mobile software, by gaining the ability to:

  • Establish customized, standardized checklists to guide inspectors efficiently through inspection tasks and ensure all requirements are met
  • Create and apply templates for common system arrangements, frequently countered deficiencies, standardized language, etc.
  • Enable inspectors to complete reports onsite, complete with photos
  • Allow inspectors to send reports immediately and directly to builders, cutting out days of submission time.

Not only can software targeted to residential construction save time on inspections and reporting, it can also give you more options for data analysis. If you can chart common problems, for example, you can help builders avoid them, providing added value with your service.

Streamline Residential Home Inspection With SupplyPro GM 

SupplyPro GM is cloud-based construction software that enables you to manage residential projects from work order creation through approvals and payments, with visibility and consistency. Feature-rich and built for mobility, this effective contractor and supplier software gives you real-time information and control in every part of your Inspection business, so you can increase productivity, profits and builder satisfaction.

Learn more about how SupplyPro GM can help you manage your Inspection business more effectively or schedule a demo today.