8 Residential Landscaping Trends To Look Out For This Summer 

Residential landscaping is an expanding industry today. Building on an already growing trend among younger families, the stay-at-home phase of the pandemic era led consumers of all ages to focus on their outdoor living spaces for play, relaxation and entertaining. Although this has led to greater opportunities in the industry at large, your company’s ability to compete and benefit depends on the knowledge and skills you are able to offer builders and owners, especially relating to popular landscaping trends.

Here are some home landscaping trends you can expect to be blooming this summer.

1. Outdoor Rooms 

Outdoor “rooms” are not a new idea, but they are increasing in popularity and the amount people are willing to invest in them. Many families are looking at underutilized lawns as fresh square footage for living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, playrooms, even offices. Rooms are formed of concrete floors, gazebo and pergola roofs, and living walls of plants, shrubbery and trees. They require more complex design and construction than the simple patio of yesteryear.

2. Food From the Garden

More people had time last year to grow their own vegetables, fruits and herbs. Now they want even more from their gardening efforts, and raised garden beds are trending. So are more exotic versions of our common food plants — purple cauliflower, towering basil and heirloom tomatoes, for example. 

3. Front Porch Socializing

We’ve had a chance to remember the joys of interacting with our neighbors from our front porches. This means inviting and low-maintenance landscaping elements to define a friendly, approachable space.

4. Secluded Spaces

The value of me-time has never been higher than after a year cooped up with loved ones. Many people have turned to transforming a corner of their property into a private, secluded place of meditation or escape, with privacy plantings and a calming water feature.

5. Backyard Adventures

Swing sets? So 2019. Can you build a ninja warrior course, a climbing wall or an entire world of adventure in your customer’s backyard?

6. Native Plants

People are turning to native plants more often for their yards and they need help in choosing the right ones. Native plants thrive, work with the climate, resist the native pests and attract native pollinators like butterflies, hummingbirds and bees. They also require less water in areas where water is a scarce commodity (xeriscaping is the ultimate version of this), and they help push out harmful invasive species. 

7. Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are a strong trend right now, and not everyone has the skill or patience to DIY. They serve beautifully as art in small spaces or walls for outdoor rooms.

8. Smart Technology

Technology isn’t just for home interiors anymore. Smart irrigation systems are becoming more common. They can monitor flow, evaporation, soil conditions and weather to determine how much water plants need and use. Technology is also adding new options for outdoor lighting, with LED light channels that can be hidden under paths; new forms of uplighting and downlighting to bring out the beauty of trees and plants; and sensors to automatically regulate garden lighting.

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