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How A Cloud-Based, Easy-To-Use Construction Management Tool Can Make Your Work More Streamlined 

According to Associated General Contractors of America’s 2023 Construction Outlook National Survey, impacts of COVID-19, including supply chain issues, are still a top concern among Builders. Uncertainty coupled with inflation and the threat of a recession have led to higher costs and lower profits. The survey revealed that 36% of respondents had projects canceled or postponed but not rescheduled in 2022, primarily due to rising costs1. Ongoing supply chain issues caused project delays, logistical headaches and increases in the cost of materials, adding to the considerable challenges already faced by small Builders. The good news is that construction management software can increase efficiency and productivity by streamlining the process from start to finish and help you stay competitive in uncertain times. 

Conducting a comprehensive analysis of your current processes and analyzing potential available solutions will help ensure you select the right construction management tool to suit your needs. This includes making sure the construction management solution doesn’t present compatibility issues with existing systems and processes2. For starters, here is a list of features to look for when selecting technology to streamline your daily operations. 

Intuitive Mobile App 

Since you and your stakeholders are out in the field most of the time, it’s essential to find a solution with an intuitive mobile app that allows working anywhere, anytime with iOS or Android from a cell phone or tablet. 

Accurate and Professional-Looking Estimates

While estimating can be an arduous task that takes hours, the right software enables creating complete estimates based on actual costs, in just a couple of hours. By using templates, you’ll dramatically reduce the time it takes to create professional-looking construction project estimates and also eliminate human error. Look for a solution that offers full documentation and storage for every specification and assumption used to build the estimate. 

Robust Client Management 

Being able to generate multiple versions of the same estimate enables presenting multiple options to your customers, which puts them in the decision-making driver’s seat. A solution that takes completed job scoping information to automatically build a client questionnaire eliminates the need to manually gather information from customers. This also helps ensure they‘re completely satisfied with the finished project. 

Real-Time Communication 

With so many stakeholders, any miscommunication can cause project delays and a hit to your bottom line. Real-time communication features allow tracking and sharing sales bids, active projects and sales processes; assigning tasks and past due notifications so everyone stays on schedule; real-time updates on change orders and more. 

Integration with Current Accounting Systems 

A solution that provides integration with your current accounting system is essential. The ability to track vendor expenses and payments in real-time will enable you to efficiently manage vendor transactions and avoid duplicative entries. 

Streamline Your Work with BuilderGM 

BuilderGM is a cloud-based Builder software solution that includes an intuitive mobile app, allowing you to work anywhere, anytime with iOS or Android. It provides collaborative full-team communication, increased productivity and a host of practical features to run your businesses efficiently so you can concentrate on what you do best—building and remodeling houses. 

To learn if BuilderGM is the right solution for your business, schedule a demo. One of our experts will discuss its features and provide the success metrics of implementing BuilderGM. This will give you a clearer understanding of how this innovative software can help improve your business and bottom line, especially in uncertain times. With our integration and Setup process, training, customized templates and automated workflow, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of this robust technology in hours, not weeks!

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