How A Construction Analytics Software Solution Can Eliminate Project Management Roadblocks 

Residential construction companies have been slow to adopt and/or fully use reporting and analytics software compared to other industry sectors. This is a missed opportunity because construction projects generate a massive amount of data that can be used to gain insights about current operation successes and failures. Not implementing and fully using these digital tools sets up an unnecessary roadblock that can hamper productivity and growth. If you’re considering making an investment in construction data analytics software, here are a few essential features to look for. 

Integration with Existing Systems 

While it can be challenging to convince all stakeholders to restructure collection and storage of data so it can be used to enact improvements, a tool built to work in tandem with currently used construction management software is a win-win for everyone. Users will already understand how to navigate the software and feel comfortable doing so. A fully integrated system also enables an automated data flow so information can be sent when and where you need it to be. 

Simplified Reporting and Analysis 

With manual data collection, disparate sources of data must be compiled, contextualized and formatted into digestible reports, making analysis cumbersome at best, if it’s tackled at all. This can also result in avoidable project delays and decreased quality and customer satisfaction, which can impact your bottom line. A user-friendly dashboard that makes it easy to export, modify and publish residential construction reports, as well as track, monitor and report on diverse performance indicators eliminates the chance of potentially valuable data sitting unused in siloes. 

Ability to Share Data 

Although construction projects require a significant amount of collaboration between internal and external stakeholders, data is typically collected and stored in ways that are completely at odds with collaboration. All these disconnected data sources create pockets of information and barriers to communication and coordination between project teams. Information stored in decentralized data banks makes it difficult for stakeholders to access essential data and even more challenging to leverage data to get a complete overview of projects. A user-friendly subscription service enables sharing reports with the right stakeholders with the push of a button. 

Data Disaster Recovery 

Data loss is a serious problem for businesses of all sizes that occurs when data is accidentally deleted or corrupted. Viruses, physical damage or formatting errors can make data unreadable, which often has a lasting impact on a company’s financial health. Data backup and recovery systems that easily integrate with existing software and hardware are essential for residential construction companies. A solution that includes data backup and recovery is the best way to prepare for the possibility of data loss. 

Eliminate Project Management Roadblocks with BuildPro Report Connect 

BuildPro’s Report Connect construction analytics software reduces the risk of data being lost or unused, thereby eliminating a wide array of project management roadblocks. As an integrated feature of Hyphen’s flagship product BuildPro, Report Connect makes it easy to access, analyze and share data across many sources, enabling you to make data-informed business decisions regarding a wide array of home building operations. Learn more about Report Connect by contacting our experts or scheduling a demo.