How Does BuilderGM Compare To Hyphen's Home Builder Product Suite?

What Is BuilderGM? 

BuilderGM is a new cloud-based software-as-a-service application designed by Hyphen Solutions to bring its innovative project management features and efficiencies to smaller custom, local and regional Home Builders and remodelers. If you build 1 to 50 projects per year, you can now have a cloud-based construction ERP that’s perfect for your business, mobile-friendly, cost-effective and quick and easy to set up and use. 

Features of BuilderGM 

BuilderGM offers you the ability to work anywhere and collaborate easily and in real-time through the BuilderGM portal with your back-office and field team, Trades, Suppliers and even customers. It keeps everyone on the same page throughout the project and can increase productivity team-wide (which can boost profits).

This Builder-focused construction management software includes plenty of practical features to help you run projects and your business. With BuilderGM, you can easily:

  • Track your sales process and bids and gain insights for improvement
  • Simplify job scoping and estimation, and show your customers all their options 
  • Access accurate budget information 
  • Retrieve and review materials, vendors and costs for any project
  • Integrate with your current QuickBooks account
  • Automate payment approvals
  • Send and respond to bid invitations
  • Assign tasks, track completions and issue reminders to keep everyone on schedule
  • Keep up on change orders with real-time updates and a complete history
  • Document every step of the construction process with photos and video
  • Access flexible reporting options and share results/insights online with stakeholders

Comparing Hyphen’s Home Builder Construction ERPs 

Not every Home Builder has the same needs. That’s why Hyphen Solutions offers three different integrated construction management platforms or ERPs. 

BRIX is an all-in-one cloud-based residential construction ERP software with accounting. This fully integrated platform offers access to the most efficient solutions available, no matter how many projects a Builder handles each year. BRIX allows control over job costing, purchasing, accounting, production and more. Perfect for larger and higher production Home Builders.

Hyphen HomeFront is a fully integrated on-premise residential construction ERP software for companies that build 50 to 1,000 homes per year. It helps efficiently manage processes from sales selections and contracts to estimating and purchasing, to service and warranty all in one system and offers integration with popular accounting software such as QuickBooks, Sage and Xero.

These two residential construction ERPs have differences in features. Only BRIX, for example, will auto-generate a purchase order from an estimate/plan. Only HomeFront offers detailed cost item estimations/analysis. However, BuilderGM actually offers both of these features to Home Builders and remodelers who handle less than 50 projects per year — at lower cost and with less implementation time than our software solutions for larger companies. 

Take Your Construction Management to the Next Level with BuilderGM 

Hyphen Solutions is a forward-thinking company that partners with its customers to find innovative solutions to their needs. We have developed integrated project and business management solutions for local, regional and national residential Builders, custom Home Builders and remodelers. We focus on software solutions that facilitate faster and more efficient operations and help Builders of all sizes thrive. 

Our solutions support 21 of the top 26 Home Builders in North America. Now they can support your success as well. If you thought investment in an integrated construction management system couldn’t bring you the return you need, we believe we’ve changed the equation. 

Learn more about BuilderGM and how it compares to other ERPs by scheduling a demo with one of our experts today.