How To Build Your Trades Base & Find Quality Residential Construction Contractors 

You know how important it is to have the best construction trades on your residential jobs. Your reputation, to a great extent, rests in their hands. You need subcontractors and workers who can be depended on for reliability, promptness, high-quality work and consistency. Anything less and you face issues with costs, job timelines and homeowner satisfaction that can have a huge impact on your bottom line and business growth. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to find, hire and keep good subs, especially in an extremely busy, competitive housing market like the one we are experiencing now. 

Having To Manually Search For & Compare Quality Contractors 

Finding reputable contractors isn’t easy. Although there are searches and databases that can identify potential local subcontractors for your projects, you may have a lot of names to look through. But the biggest problem is that your search will often not give you any real idea of the quality of their work, their capabilities or reliability. Looking at a list of names and contact information isn’t enough. How do you find out if they are suitable for your project? Call every one? And then check references — other builders, homeowners, field workers, suppliers — to get an accurate view into their work history and results? That takes a lot of time and effort.

Running Into Trade Shortages & Competition  

To make your search even more difficult, the residential building industry is facing a serious trade shortage, brought on by the fall-out of the 2007-2009 recession, which caused many firms to fail, and the current emphasis on college education over trade schools as the best path to a living-wage career. Unfortunately, there are often more jobs out there than there are trades to perform the work. So while you are searching for good firms, other reputable builders are doing the same. By the time you’ve manually tracked down people you want to do business with, someone else may have stepped in and filled your time slot.  Now you have to start over, continually chasing the most sought-after trades. 

Utilize A Construction Software That Includes A Trade Finder Tool 

If manual searches that offer little information are inadequate for finding and hiring good subcontractors, the solution is utilizing construction management software that streamlines the process for you. Hyphen’s BuildPro software includes a feature called Trade Finder, created specifically to help residential builders find trades and subcontractors. Trade Finder gives you immediate access to an established and reputable database of trades. With the ability to easily search for common or unique capabilities and company profiles that include a range of valuable company information, even builder references, you can instantly and reliably expand your base of trade partners.

You can also use BuildPro to look up reputable trades who are already on the Hyphen SupplyPro platform. Having them already on SupplyPro — Hyphen’s simple and powerful construction management software for residential subcontractors and suppliers — can streamline the process of communicating and working with them right from the beginning. 

Build Your Trade Base & Find Quality Contractors With Hyphen’s BuildPro Solution 

Hyphen’s BuildPro solution not only optimizes and automates construction scheduling and supply chain management, it can also be your key to beating the competition to the best trade partners. 

As an included feature of BuildPro, Trade Finder is built to help residential builders find good trades and subcontractors to highlight their services to a broad base of home builders. Company profiles include areas of expertise, area codes of operation, years of operation, number of employees, number of completed projects, promotional statements and more.

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