How To Get The Right Construction Crew With The Right Skills Assigned To The Right Jobs 

Finding The Right Crews For A Painting Job Is Difficult 

It is probably not news to you that the residential construction industry is currently suffering from an industry-wide labor shortage. New home construction is surging, thanks to a lack of inventory in a red-hot housing market. At the same time, an aging construction workforce and lack of knowledge and interest in the trades among younger people is reducing the pool of talent. 

This shortage of labor can make it very difficult to find construction contractors looking for work for your painting jobs, which in turn makes hiring construction workers seem impossible. What can you do?

Some Jobs Require More Skilled Crews Than Others 

To add to your challenge, you not only have to compete for the limited talent available, you have to find construction workers that are right for each job. Some projects require crews that are more skilled and experienced than others, or who have different expertise. The task itself may demand different capabilities, more proficiency or greater speed. You may need a crew with different levels of skill, skillset, experience in exterior painting, painting with specialty surface coverings, or a crew that can meet an especially tight deadline. In other cases, some builders, subdivisions and builder specs may set higher base requirements for crews. 

To win the jobs you want and get them done efficiently and satisfactorily, you have to know your crews’ capabilities thoroughly and be ready to assign the most appropriate crew to each task. 

Identify The Right Crew With A Single Software Solution 

Scheduling and dispatching are some of the most important areas in which technology can improve your painting operations. With an integrated, industry-specific software solution like SupplyPro GM, you can know the exact who, when and where of all of your field resources, in real-time all the time, instead of going through the time consuming effort of calling project managers or field supervisors to check up on every crew.

With Hyphen Solutions’ SupplyPro GM, when you receive a new order and are ready to assign the work, it takes a tap of a button to see all your team schedules, the stage of their current job progress and when they will be ready to start a new job. You can assign one or multiple crews to projects as needed with simple drag and drop or quickly generate schedules for multiple crews and jobs based on work type, location, or skill level, as well as availability. 

It becomes easy to identify a qualified crew that has the availability for the job you need to schedule. And if scheduling, or even skill, changes need to be made — this is construction, after all — SupplyPro GM makes these changes easy to make and communicate in real time to your builder, field crews and back office. 

Get The Right Crews Assigned To The Right Jobs With SupplyPro GM 

Being able to assign the right crews to the right jobs quickly and effectively will help you achieve your goals for business growth. And as you grow, you will also need to enhance your capabilities in estimating, materials sourcing, training, site assessment, workflow monitoring, safety checks and more. 

SupplyPro GM is cloud-based construction software that enables you to manage residential painting projects from work order creation through approvals and payments, with visibility and consistency. Feature-rich and built for mobility, this effective contractor and supplier software gives you real-time information and control in every part of your business, so you can increase productivity, profits and builder satisfaction.

Learn more about how SupplyPro GM can help you manage your painting business more effectively or schedule a demo today.