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How To Keep Track Of And Manage Completed Work In Residential Construction 

Difficult To Keep Track of POs, Change Orders, and EPOs 

With the recent lag in supply vs. demand for homes and the resulting surge in building, your company is likely to be busier than ever now with residential construction projects. This means that POs and EPOs (extra purchase orders) — not to mention Change Orders — are flying through your office. Orders can originate from buyers, Home Builders or the field. All of them need to be carefully tracked and recorded and the information in them conveyed to multiple team members. This is not an easy task, whether you’re chasing reams of paper or dealing with multiple data entries into multiple software systems like supply ordering, estimating, project management and accounting.

Losing Track of Documents Can Lead To Potential Revenue Losses For Work Completed  

When you don’t have construction management software that efficiently organizes all your orders, it can be easy to lose track of either the documents themselves or changes that have been made to them. Think of all the Change Orders alone that come through your office on any one project and multiply that by all of your projects. Sooner or later, something is going to get lost. Unfortunately, when orders get lost in residential construction, you may be losing track of revenue you should be receiving as well. For example, what happens if your office loses a Purchase Order for pouring several concrete foundations in a certain subdivision after the project is complete? You may end up not billing for work you’ve done, without even realizing your loss. The same thing can happen if, once the job is complete, you misplace a Change Order for adding plumbing for an additional bath. How will your team know to bill for the work? 

Keep Track of Construction Work With A Single Software Solution 

The most effective way to keep track of tasks and projects, as well as documentation for all of your completed work, is through a single software system that organizes and manages the entire process from Purchase Orders through completion and billing. 

Many residential construction companies try to improve their daily operations by applying different software systems to different purposes, but using multiple stand-alone software systems that do not integrate with each other can cause problems when it comes to managing documents and data, not to mention the extra work to keep each different application up to date. An integrated solution like SupplyPro GM connects Home Builders, Suppliers, Contractors and Trades — in real-time and in the office or the field — to share data and cooperate effectively on projects. 

The ability to monitor or request new orders and changes directly in SupplyPro GM eliminates waiting around for information or accidentally leaving someone out of the loop. No matter where orders originate, they are immediately accessible to the entire team.

Keep Track Of & Manage Completed Work With SupplyPro GM 

SupplyPro GM is an integrated cloud-based construction management software system that is feature-rich, flexible to use and built for mobility. This effective software for Suppliers, Contractors and Trades will increase the ease of managing documents and improve your control over every part of your business, so you can increase productivity, profits and builder satisfaction. Learn more today.