How To Reduce Costly Interruptions & Delays With Real-Time Visibility Into Job Status 

There’s no doubt that interruptions and delays are the enemies of on-time project completion in residential construction. Are materials late being delivered to the site? Is your crew tied up on another job? Are they waiting for another trade to complete their work? Stopping or holding up a job for any reason can not only be costly in the short-term, but it can ultimately result in builder dissatisfaction and fewer projects awarded to your company, impacting your growth and financial stability. One effective way to reduce these costly interruptions and delays is through the real-time visibility offered by modern, cloud-based project management software designed specifically for Suppliers, Contractors and Trades. 

What Is Real-Time Visibility? 

With so many teams and tasks involved in any residential construction project, progress and change order tracking are essential. Relying on the old methods of sending paperwork or even emails from team to team results in delayed information exchange. Hopefully, you will eventually know everything that is going on, but that may not be soon enough. The real-time visibility offered by modern construction project management software, however, means that all information and updates from the field, Home Builder or your own staff are shared immediately — in real time, all the time — to all participants.

How To Reduce Costly Interruptions & Delays With Real-Time Visibility 

The right scheduling software should help you reduce interruptions and delays through effective tools for scheduling, tracking and real-time exchange of information among all construction team members. 

Monitoring/Acceptance/Request of New Orders and Changes

You should be able to monitor, accept or request new orders and changes in your software solution and confirm all information about the job at a glance, including price, drawings, specs and supply lists. If you need to initiate work before receiving a Home Builder PO, you should be able to easily enter and schedule new orders and changes manually into the software. These features enable you to get up and running on new jobs faster. 

Throughout the job, you should have access to immediate notification if your Builder issues changes to the scope of the schedule that affect your job. This can significantly improve your response time.

Tracking Project Progress

Tracking tools give you the ability, with a tap of a button, to see all your crew schedules and locations, the stage of their current job progress and when they are projected to complete that job. You can move crews in response to changes and delays, reducing downtime. You can schedule the start of new jobs with enhanced accuracy. You can respond immediately to delay-causing supply or construction issues.

Construction Productivity Tracking

The ability to see how well and fast your field teams are completing tasks also gives you the ability to improve their productivity. You can determine which teams are most suited for a certain type of work; which tasks may seem to be taking longer than they should; and come up with solutions to boost productivity and quality, such as additional punch lists, new equipment, more training, etc. 

Benefits Of Incorporating The Right Contractor Project Management Software 

SupplyPro GM is built for Suppliers, Contractors and Trades from across the entire residential construction spectrum and is crafted to ensure the right information is available when needed, wherever you are and no matter the industry. By connecting Home Builders and Suppliers with an integrated system and real-time visibility, SupplyPro GM:

  • Eliminates waiting around for information
  • Ensures no one is left out of the information loop
  • Enables information to be immediately accessible to the entire team — Home Builders, Suppliers, Contractors and Trades

Reduce Costly Interruptions & Delays With SupplyPro GM 

SupplyPro GM is an integrated cloud-based construction software system that enables you to manage residential projects in their entirety from work order creation through approvals and payments. It’s feature-rich, flexible, simple to use and built for mobility. 

Learn more today about how this effective software for Suppliers, Contractors and Trades will help you reduce costly delays and interruptions and improve your control over every part of your business, so you can increase productivity, profits and builder satisfaction.