How To Save Time With Automation & Improve Your Construction Workflow 

There is no one in the residential construction industry who doesn’t face long to-do lists and critical deadlines. How do you get everything done and done well? Solving this simple-sounding, but complex, challenge is the key to getting projects completed on time, building a trusted relationship with your builders and boosting your profits. 

Not Enough Time in Your Day 

One of the biggest problems with a long to-do list is not having enough time to dedicate to difficult issues and projects because you’re too busy taking care of the mountain of everyday details. Yes, there are tasks and projects that run smoothly. The reason you tend to remember the ones that don’t is, in part, the frustration you feel in trying to carve out enough time to deal with them. Imagine if you had twice as much time to deal with a problem. Wouldn’t solving it seem easier? 

Repetitive Administrative Work Distracting from Priorities 

If you don’t have twice the time, you have to try to rush to a solution. However, not giving enough time and attention to problems can have consequences, and poorly-thought-out solutions can hurt the overall quality of a project and affect the timelines of other project participants. It can also damage your relationship with your builder, potentially leading to less work from that source in the future. 

You need to carve out time to spend on priorities. Anyone can process and complete an order or job that runs smoothly. You get noticed (positively) and set yourself aside from the competition by dealing well with the challenges that inevitably occur. Taking problems off your builder’s plate makes you an exceptional service provider. 

The best way to carve out time for the big issues is to reduce time spent on the countless repetitive processes that are involved in every order or project — New order processing, Scheduling and Dispatching, Material Resourcing, Managing and tracking status and completion. Automation in construction can enhance these workflow processes, reducing the time you and your staff need to spend on them and eliminating the problem of human error.

Save More Time With Automation 

To reap the full benefits of automation, you need a solution specifically designed for residential contractors and suppliers, like Hyphen's SupplyPro GM. Residential construction is an industry with unique processes and needs that cannot be effectively met by a generic software solution. You need to manage large volume of jobs with ever-changing scopes and schedules that require real-time communication between office, field and builder. An industry-dedicated software solution provides an alternative to costly manual entry and addresses the tasks you need to perform.

SupplyPro GM helps automate work order production, preparation of purchase orders and inventory requisitions, invoice and payment processing. SupplyPro GM seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, Sage and other popular accounting solutions. By bringing all of your project information together in one place, it eliminates redundant data entry, makes information easy to locate and changes easier to track and implement.

With automation, you can take back more of your time to focus on the 5% of orders that really need your attention and problem-solving skills. Whether these issues involve office or on-site personnel, builders, homeowners or other trades, you’ll have the time to focus, resolve problems quickly and get things back on track. Expensive mistakes or problems can be quickly corrected and everyone, including you, will have less stress and more satisfaction on the job.

Improve Your Construction Management Workflow with SupplyPro GM by Hyphen Solutions

As your business becomes more complex and the competition more technologically advanced, SupplyPro GM offers you a unique opportunity to build on your current processes. Take your SupplyPro experience to the next level and capitalize on instant time savings and automation. Features in SupplyPro GM will enhance your digital relationship with your builders and help secure that next contract. 

SupplyPro GM is a cloud-based construction software designed specifically for residential suppliers and contractors. Save time with true automation and gain full visibility in every cycle of your job management. Feature-rich and built for mobility, SupplyPro GM provides a foundation and structure to improve productivity and builder satisfaction, inevitably producing increased profits.

Learn more about how SupplyPro GM can help you manage your Residential Construction business more effectively or schedule a demo today.