Hyphen Solutions’ Enhanced Construction Mobile Application Fills Unmet Need For Home Builders 

DALLAS, TEXAS – September 9, 2019 — Hyphen Solutions, the leading provider of cloud-based construction management software, is pleased to announce the new BuildPro Mobile App, an updated version of the iPad app now available on mobile phones for builders.

“This is the only offline builder-focused mobile app on the market,” said CEO of Hyphen Solutions, Dr. Felix Vasquez. “We have released the application to the Hyphen Solutions’ BuildPro user group for testing and are excited about the upcoming September release.”

The mobile app is unique to BuildPro, the nation’s leading supply chain construction management software utilized by 19 of the top 25 high-volume homebuilders and 90% of their suppliers. The SaaS BuildPro application enables project executions in less time with less effort than ever before. The mobile app will offer 90% of the desktop features allowing builders to approve items, view variance purchase orders (VPO), and share photos. The application provides offline capabilities allowing Builders to schedule tasks, send notes, and collaborate with their suppliers and trades from anywhere.

Since builders traditionally work from laptops, there wasn’t a need for a smartphone app. With ongoing technology improvements, tablets have longer battery lives, and builders are utilizing mobile technology in the field more and more. Pew Research Center reports that 96% of Americans now own a cellphone. Hyphen Solutions is seeing a proliferation of cell phone usage by builders on job sites. With the new mobile app, builders will experience many more management capabilities directly on their smartphones.

In the future, Hyphen plans to enhance the BuildPro mobile app to allow for drag and drop scheduling, similar to what is currently available in the BuildPro cloud-based construction scheduling platform. Also, Hyphen Solutions will be preemptively using software to give you visual acuity to everyone on the job site. With geofencing, the BuildPro mobile app will be able to show the exact moment when orders are delivered.

Hyphen’s business software solutions help suppliers get paid more effectively from builders by completing tasks with automatic invoicing. For small and medium-sized businesses getting paid quickly fuels business growth. Our BuildPro and SupplyPro applications track and confirm which builders are paying suppliers on time and accurately, thus giving those builders a competitive advantage to secure the top suppliers. The way to obtain top suppliers is to schedule carefully, ensure the job is ready thus allowing them to do their work unhindered, and pay them timely.

Hyphen Solutions has offered a mobile app to suppliers since 2014. It allows them to manage their workload and assign crews and view jobsite documentation.

About Hyphen Solutions

Hyphen Solutions provides more than 70,000 builders, installers, and manufacturers with industry-leading supply chain scheduling, procurement, and collaboration solutions. Hyphen’s software-as-a-service delivers greater operational control, better communications, lower costs, and increased productivity for home builders, sub-contractors, and suppliers. More than 12,000 companies subscribe to Hyphen’s comprehensive Home Builder and Supply Chain platforms, making the company the leading cloud-based construction management software provider. The Hyphen Network serves more than 450 builder divisions which managed more than 270,000 new home construction projects with the system in 2018. The Network issued more than 27 million purchase orders last year totaling in excess of $36 billion for residential construction.

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