Hyphen Solutions, LLC Announces Acquisition of Pharaoh Information Services

DALLAS, TX, February 13, 2016 /PRNewsire/ -- The leading cloud-based construction management software company, Hyphen Solutions, LLC, announces the acquisition of Pharaoh Information Services, the developer of the Integrated Builder Series (IBSWIN) among other residential construction-related software products.

Hyphen began working with the IBSWIN team, the creators of a leading Enterprise Resource Planning System that has widespread success in the homebuilding industry, in 2015.  The systems have been deployed heavily on the west coast for local and regional builders.

Felix Vasquez, President and CEO of Hyphen, stated, “We are enthused by how the relationship with IBSWIN has evolved over the last year.  We experienced several new joint sales as a result of our partnership together.  In looking at the future of the IBSWIN product line, we felt it would be easiest to continue to drive the product direction by incorporating the company into Hyphen.  Hyphen is currently re-imagining the feature set completely in the cloud and connected to the fabric of the Hyphen application set.  We will be convening an IBSWIN User Group meeting in the very near future to create a new vision for the product roadmap.  This acquisition along with our continued product development is supportive of what our clients and prospects are asking us to deliver from a feature and function perspective – all under one roof” 

Chris Sugg, CIO of Hyphen, said, “We have been working with the IBSWIN team for quite a while now and have completely integrated the current version into our systems, specifically the BuildPro Scheduling and Supply Chain Management platform.  Also, we expect the first set of the new, cloud-based IBSWIN replacement products to be available by summer 2017.” 

Mike Kenyon, CEO of Pharaoh, elaborated, “Our relationship with Hyphen has been extremely valuable to us, our clients and to the industry.  We chose to move forward under the Hyphen umbrella to provide our current, and future clients with the opportunity to be supported by the most respected software company in our industry.  Hyphen has also committed to moving the features used by our builders to the cloud to speed future adoption and add a much needed product roadmap”

Hyphen strives to integrate with all major ERP vendors and invites any construction-related ERP company to join the largest supply chain network to deliver technology and automation to its vendors, installers, and manufacturers.  Any questions about integrating into Hyphen can be emailed directly to Hyphen at Buildprosales@hyphensolutions.com.

About Hyphen Solutions:

Hyphen Solutions, LLC provides over 45,000 builders, installers, and manufacturers with industry-leading supply chain scheduling, procurement, and collaboration solutions. Hyphen’s SaaS applications deliver greater operational control, better communications and increased productivity for both home builders and their building partners who use our applications. The Hyphen Network services over 400 builder divisions which loaded more than 150,000 new homes on the system in 2016. This existing network will execute over 20 million home builder purchase orders this year totaling in excess of $22 billion in PO dollars.

Hyphen's product base includes: Hyphen BuildPro for scheduling, Hyphen SupplyPro for trade management, Hyphen BidConnect for bidding, SupplyPro Connect for trade automation, SupplyPro Field Management Services for Supplier field personnel, Hyphen Renditions for Supplier automation, SkuSphere for product identification, cataloging and presentation, Hyphen Inspections for punchlist management, Hyphen Storm Water Inspections Management for SWPPP inspections, Hyphen Progress Pay for land management, Hyphen Lien Release for lien waiver management, and Hyphen Warranty for homeowner satisfaction.

About Pharaoh Information Services:

Pharaoh Information Services developed IBSWIN (Integrated Builder Series for Windows), the residential home building industry’s premier integrated software, for managing all construction departments from one system. Established in 1985, Pharaoh has helped hundreds of builders get the most out of technology by providing software products and consulting services. IBSWIN integrates the following into one simple, cost-effective software solution: sales tracking and reporting, options ordering and purchasing, subcontractor bidding and contract creation, customer service and warranty control, construction scheduling, and design center automation. By adopting Pharaoh, builders receive the latest in software technology while maintaining their staff’s focus on profitable building.

Pharaoh’s experienced consultants provide builders with valuable services that keep builders focused on the core business. Pharaoh keeps builders’ technology costs at a minimum and works closely with Sage Software Business Partners throughout the United States to provide a complete yet cost-effective solution.

About Hyphen Solutions

Hyphen Solutions provides more than 70,000 builders, installers and manufacturers with industry-leading supply chain scheduling, procurement, and collaboration solutions. Hyphen’s software-as-a-service delivers greater operational control, better communications, lower costs and increased productivity for home builders, sub-contractors and suppliers. More than 12,000 companies subscribe to Hyphen’s comprehensive Home Builder and Supply Chain platforms, making the company the leading cloud-based construction management software provider. The Hyphen Network serves more than 450 builder divisions which managed more than 270,000 new home construction projects with the system in 2018. The Network issued more than 27 million purchase orders last year totaling in excess of $36 billion for residential construction.