The Largest Home Construction Supply Chain Management Software in America.

BuildPro connects home builders with contractors, trades and suppliers that provide materials and labor during the home building process in one platform. BuildPro takes residential construction scheduling and supply chain management online, providing real-time information with greater accuracy and efficiency. Execute home build projects in less time with less effort than ever before by using BuildPro to receive and approve bids, schedule suppliers and approve purchase orders. BuildPro is the most powerful, comprehensive new home construction management software on the market, which is why 21 out of the top 26 home builders in America trust BuildPro every day. By easing supplier communications and removing risk, BuildPro makes your job much easier, freeing up time to focus on taking your business to new heights.

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All BuildPro transactions are 100% paperless. No more printing, separating, filing, or distributing paperwork. Transactions to and from trades are instantaneous and occur in real-time, so no repetitive effort is needed any time changes are made.

Major Cost Savings

Eliminate countless man-hours preparing start packs and reduce material costs such as paper, toner, envelopes, folders, and postage. BuildPro construction project management software seamlessly integrates with your current back-office system, so tracking and reporting is a breeze.


Stop relying on intuition, fax machines and notepads. With BuildPro’s all-in-one dashboard, you can schedule, collaborate with trades, approve PO payments, order receipts, obtain item details, and more. BuildPro allows access to all of this on any device.


With BuildPro, you can now digitally receive paperwork from the field in a matter of a few clicks. Authorize payments, identify and submit PO errors and eliminate logistical issues by instantaneously transmitting payment data to your trades.

Ease the trade burden

Your trades will not have to call you every time they have a payment question. Now they can access updates on any account, at any time. It’s your warranty solution, inspections, lien releases and document management all in one portal. Every single trade is handled digitally, with clear records saved in the cloud, so miscommunications and misunderstandings are eliminated.

Trust the solution

BuildPro is the largest, most popular residential construction project management software in North America. There's a reason for that: BuildPro is purpose-built by builders for builders. The transparency of data in BuildPro creates built-in accountability that builders can rely on day in and day out.

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At Hyphen Solutions, we want builders to be able to use our solutions to their fullest extent. Our professional services team has the expertise necessary to partner with you to help implement our project management software into your processes, develop new tools,and build customized reports.

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BuildPro Products & Features


BRIX is residential construction accounting software like you’ve never seen before. We’ve developed a fully integrated enterprise resource platform that allows you to access the most efficient solutions available for any level of home builders. Already used in many homes across the U.S. each year, BRIX lets you control purchasing, production, costs and reporting all in one streamlined cloud-based construction accounting program.


Hyphen HomeFront is a fully integrated residential construction ERP software allowing home builders to manage the build processes from sales & CRM to service and warranty in one easy-to-use system. With an on-premise construction ERP solution, there’s no need to replace your back-end accounting solutions. Hyphen HomeFront integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate and Sage 100 Contractor, ensuring accurate & immediate sharing of information. Join home builders using Hyphen HomeFront as their residential construction ERP software of choice.


Home builders are now more connected to buyers and real estate agents than ever before with Hyphen CRM. Residential construction companies can use Hyphen CRM's powerful suite of tools to optimize customer acquisition, increase sales cycle efficiency and more. The home builder CRM is built to bring all your data under one roof and into an easy to use platform  that has all the data you need at a glance. Home builders invest an extensive amount of their resources and budget into sales and marketing efforts. Home builders that use Hyphen CRM find that those dollars are used effectively to drive more new home sales faster than ever.


Pharaoh Software Services, IBSWIN, is capable of providing the basis for your home building software solution. IBSWIN uses a modular design that allows you to choose which functionality is most needed by your business, while offering integrations to Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 CRE.


From start to finish, home builder scheduling is done completely electronically and can be viewed in real-time. With everyone working from the same digital schedule, you’ll never have to worry about timing miscommunications. All materials, labor and documentation are in the places they need to be when they’re needed, regardless of whether or not you’re online. This is efficiency at its finest.


The days of sorting through stacks of bids are gone. With BidConnect, you now have access to all of your project bids, sent or received, in seconds. Reduce manpower costs and erase human error with this powerful and efficient tool. Easy Integration with BuildPro and SupplyPro ensures everything you need for bidding and awarding projects is always connected and available.


As mandated by federal law, failing to adhere to SWPPPs during development and construction can cost serious money and time. Our SWIM module is an easy to use tool that was developed specifically to help builders adhere to the requirements of the law without sacrificing speed.


The goal of Lien Release is to automate lien processing and reporting to a point of absolute efficiency. First, by merging payment data into a user-selected lien document, then by automatically sending the document to the corresponding supplier/trade, the risk of any process slowdowns has been substantially reduced.


Quality and customer satisfaction will always be among the most important factors in the home building experience. Now, builders can leverage the power of BuildPro and the Inspections suite to effectively manage the inspections process throughout the entire building cycle in this residential construction software.


Hyphen Solutions’ electronic Warranty Management is the comprehensive solution for managing homeowner warranty requests. As part of our BuildPro home building software suite, Warranty Management offers viewing, tracking and scheduling all in one place. You’ll have your finger on the pulse of your new homeowner's needs, having the ability to act decisively and accurately at a moment’s notice.


America's home builders are burdened with trying to integrate information and systems across numerous platforms and environments that contain incompatible systems. This creates complexity and duplication of services, increasing overhead. Advanced Integration Manager (AIM), a B2B integration suite developed to connect BuildPro to most all major ERP systems, is here to end that.


Hyphen Solutions Homeowner Portal will give your new homeowners the ability to go online to check the status of their new home and submit & track warranty items. Since our Homeowner Portal is seamlessly integrated with BuildPro, there’s no need to have multiple systems to track home construction and warranty. Everything’s all in one place.


Hyphen Trade Finder is a free website containing listings of qualified trade partners and their information. Listings contain detailed company profiles, such as areas of expertise, area codes of operation, years of operation, number of employees, personal, promotional statements and more.


With ReportConnect, you can analyze your data and make better decisions regarding your all-important home building operations. Complimenting BuildPro, ReportConnect is the reporting tool that provides answers to home builder's most pressing questions in an intuitive and easy-to-use format that saves both time and money.