SupplyPro GM For Residential Insulation Contractors

Transforming Insulation Construction Management

SupplyPro GM is a cloud-based solution designed for residential insulation subcontractors and suppliers, adding scheduling, inventory, billing and a field app to elevate your current SupplyPro experience. Our Insulation clients also enjoy features that track crews and individual crew members and help guide new workers through the process. Feature-rich and built for mobility and superior connectivity with your builders and crews, SupplyPro GM is insulation contractor software that sets the stage for increased productivity and profits.

  • Accept and Manage Orders and Changes from SupplyPro or other Builder Portals in One Schedule
  • Manual Entry of Jobs and Orders from Homeowners, Commercial or Smaller Builders
  • Scheduling and Dispatching with Route Planning
  • Mobile App with Forms, Checklists, Photos, Reminders, etc.
  • Real-Time Communication Between Office, Field and Builder
  • Custom Workflow Automation
  • Material Management with Inventory and Purchasing Templates
  • Completion, Billing and Payment Processing
  • Time Tracking by Crew or Individual
  • Manage Piece Work Rates and Automate Labor Payments
  • Seamlessly Integrates with QuickBooks, Sage 300 CRE and Other Accounting Software

SupplyPro GM is a complete general management software system from Hyphen Solutions. 

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Why Choose SupplyPro GM for Your Insulation Projects?

Current Hyphen SupplyPro customer?

With this extension to SupplyPro, you can now drag and drop your new Builder Orders from SupplyPro and other builder portals right into your own production schedule. Translate PO item references into a ready-to-order Bill of Materials. Track schedule appointments and changes, document completions in the field app, auto bill your builders and pay your crews for completed jobs, based on the type and amount of insulation installed.

New to Hyphen Solutions?

Hyphen Solutions is now connecting builders and suppliers regardless of what software they are using, eliminating the need for costly data entry for new jobs and PO’s. You can now keep up with the competition and instantly schedule, track and bill new orders and jobs in SupplyPro GM.

Simplicity Rules the Day!

Our field app conveniently comes in English and Spanish. With minimal training, your field users can get connected and start updating job status, completing checklists and field reports with photos. Plus, with unlimited licensing for office and field users and dedicated subcontractor login access options, your whole workforce can be connected.

Explore the Work Flow Below

With SupplyPro GM, you can monitor, accept or request new SupplyPro orders and changes — orders will come directly into your new order inbox from the builder. In the simple-to-follow interface, you can confirm all information about the job at a glance, including price, drawings, specs and supply lists. If you’re working with builders that are not using BuildPro, we can assist by automating the retrieval of new orders from other builder web portals. 

If you need to initiate work before receiving a builder PO, you can also easily enter and schedule new orders and changes manually into this insulation construction software.  

With SupplyPro GM, you can create custom pre-job checklists for your people in the field to complete. This will help you track the readiness of the site and make more accurate decisions about how much insulation to order, which crew to assign, and how much you’ll likely be paying your field workers. You can issue a PO to your supplier through SupplyPro GM to ensure you have what you need when you need it. New POs can be sent on-demand with one click or automatically at pre-specified points in the job process.

Scheduling, dispatching and tracking are some of the most important areas in which SupplyPro GM can improve your operations, by optimizing crew management. You can minimize crew downtime at the same time as improving your response time to new orders and changes by knowing the exact who, when and where of your field resources, in real time all the time. 

You can view your work orders by date, builder, subdivision, city, crew, supervisor and more. When you receive a new order and are ready to assign work, it only takes a tap of a button to see all your crew schedules, the stage of their current job progress and when they will be ready to start a new job. Assign field crews to tasks as needed with simple drag and drop, or quickly generate schedules for multiple crews and jobs — even in the same day — based on work type, location, skill level and availability. 

Throughout the job, you will have access to immediate notification if your builder alters the schedule or issues change orders that affect your job. This can improve your response time and reduce crew downtime. For delays due to changes, weather conditions, or other trades falling behind schedule, you can reschedule easily inside the app and your crews will be notified in real time. 

You can even allow your field team to reschedule jobs in the software if problems come up. All the stakeholders, including you, are notified immediately, giving you the opportunity to quickly relocate idle resources or solve any supply issues that are causing delays.

You can design a step by step workflow that makes the most sense for your operation and create customized checklists to guide your insulation crew through their tasks and ensure quality of work. This is especially important in insulation contracting, where your crew composition tends to change frequently and you often have workers who are unfamiliar with your processes. 

You can build safety forms for workers to fill out and have them verify that they completed safety checks. Plus, you can visually track field progress from the office throughout the day, with color coded status updates. Your field communications work even where the internet is not available. Daily reports can capture photos from the jobsite and track labor and material usage for the day.

And what if mistakes or something unexpected happens? A last-minute request for changes, a discrepancy between specs and verbal communications? Your team in the field can initiate a request for an extra PO and support the request with comments and site images, keeping your back office and the builder aware of any issues and additional charges in real-time. 

When the job is done, the builder is instantly notified. Your field crews can also take photos, complete punch lists and record the details, measurements and proper completion of the job directly in the mobile app. Because the type and amount of insulation used can vary from job to job, sharing field measurements automatically and quickly with the office team and your builder clients can contribute to a smooth billing process. 

SupplyPro GM automatically queues up every builder PO as an open invoice, ready to be issued when work is completed. Invoices flow seamlessly to popular accounting systems such as QuickBooks and Sage Construction Solutions.

SupplyPro GM also simplifies payments to your field staff by enabling you to pay them for completed work, based either on square footage piece rates or a fixed rate per floorplan. The piece rate feature allows tracking of various rates for different products used, since some types of insulation are more complex to install.

You operate your Insulation business differently from your competitor; SupplyPro GM has the flexibility to allow for that.

Questions about how SupplyPro GM can help you manage your Insulation business more efficiently?