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7 Ways Automation Tools Can Help Suppliers Reduce Costs and Improve Supply Chain Performance               

If you want to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction and profits, you already know you need to optimize your supply chain. Automation tools are designed to ensure that information flows smoothly and accurately through your system, and the smooth flow of information is the foundation every Supplier needs for improved productivity and higher profits. 

One type of automation tool that can help Suppliers improve and grow their businesses is software that copies information from one source and places it into another. As simple as this might sound, it can positively impact your process at multiple points.

Renditions – a product of SupplyPro – is an automation tool that uses web-capturing technology to automatically unify permission-based data from multiple portals and bring it into a single system. 

One login for all your Builders

You probably deal with dozens of builders. Do you have to keep track of dozens of unique builder logins, each corresponding to portals that you have to check manually for updates? Renditions enables you to use a single login to put the information you and your team needs from all these builders at your fingertips. This saves valuable staff resources and hours of training and data management time.

All the data (and accuracy) you need  

Supply chain automation software captures data from all your builder portals, faxes, emails, and PDFs, and then accurately pulls information and notifications into SupplyPro, eliminating the risk of typing errors or missed changes.

Data accuracy, even in the face of changes 

Data-gathering automation software promotes seamless accuracy. In the residential construction business, changes happen all the time that affect your supply chain process. You can receive daily notifications about change orders, line item detail changes, and other updates.

A single source 

Projects run most efficiently when Suppliers and Builders are working from the same source of data. By unifying your system processes through SupplyPro with Renditions, your entire team and the builders you work with all benefit from working with accurate, updated data at all times.


Accurate, updated, single-source information streamlines teamwork. With every member of the building team fully informed and updated, decision making and problem solving become easier and more accurate. Responses are better and quicker, and projects move forward smoothly. 

Better control 

Knowledge is power. Having data at your fingertips from all your Builders and projects improves your ability to closely manage your processes and ensure that every part of your operation is doing what it’s intended to do.

Continual process improvement

Continually improving processes is key to growing your business. Integrated data gives you the ability to see clearly how your supply chain structure and strategy are benefitting your customers and where issues commonly occur. Ongoing analysis gives you opportunities to make practical, responsive improvements on a regular basis, before small problems grow into big ones. 

Automate Your Supply Chain With SupplyPro and Renditions 

Hyphen Solutions partners with its clients to produce innovative Home Builder and supply chain solutions. Because of our commitment to our customers — production and custom, large and small — we offer functional, flexible services that fit your business needs and budget. 

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