8 Benefits Of Using Residential Construction Software To Manage New Construction Home Inspections 

Quality inspections throughout the building process are the key to delivering a completed home that comes in on-time, within budget and meets your homeowners’ high quality standards. With the large volume of residential construction most Builders are handling in this demanding market, finding a way to make inspections and corrections smoother and more efficient is an important consideration. 

Using the right new construction home inspection software can make a huge difference.

Streamlined Process

No more clipboards and handwritten notes. Inspectors can work in the field on their phones or tablets, filling in an inspection checklist customized to your projects and easily entering all applicable information, including photos and videos. 


With home inspection reporting software, you also can easily customize and standardize your formal reports by turning your manual format into a digital form. This makes filling out reports so simple, it can be completed on-site. There’s no need to expend time to run back to the office, put information together from multiple handwritten or digital sources, reformat it and then create a report.

Immediate Results 

When you’re digitally connected, inspection data can be transmitted to all interested parties and received within seconds. With mobile access, everyone can get the results whenever and wherever they are. 

Instant information exchange means that needed corrective actions can be immediately communicated to Suppliers, Contractors or Trades, and the work can be scheduled and begun quickly. 


Inspection software vastly improves visibility and ensures everyone is working with the same up-to-date information at all times. This includes visibility into the progress of any needed changes. With the right software, you can track your Trades’ progress from start to finish.

Enhanced Collaboration

Transmitting information digitally cuts down on mistakes and misunderstandings that can cause costly delays and disagreements among Builders, Suppliers and homeowners. Everyone can see what inspections were done, what improvements or repairs were ordered and, with accompanying photos and videos, whether they have been completed. 

Inspection software also makes it easier to include third-party inspectors on your projects, getting them quickly up to speed with the job information they need.


When your inspection software is integrated with your construction management software, it increases the likelihood that product issues and possible warranty problems will be identified earlier in the construction process. Fewer corrective actions left until the end means quicker closings.

Quick and Easy Insights

Inspection data can easily be used for strategic analysis. Information that would once have been buried in paperwork is now instantly retrievable, including insights on Trade performance, frequently used items and frequently required corrections.

Document Management

Lots of Home Building projects means lots of inspections — milestone and final — and a growing pile of documentation. Searching through that pile of printed records for one you need is time-consuming and frustrating. When files are stored digitally, however, searching for one or more items becomes easier. It can even be done in the field so that, within seconds, any inspector can look for the most recent inspection on the same house or, using a search filter, for current inspections on other homes within a subdivision. 

Manage Your New Construction Home Inspections with BuildPro + Inspections 

Hyphen Solutions offers residential construction management software that solves inefficiency. Our Builder product suite, trusted by many home builders across North America, includes BuildPro, the largest home construction supply chain management software in America, connecting Home Builders with Contractors, Suppliers and Trades.

You can leverage the power of BuildPro and its add-on Inspections software to effectively manage the home inspection process throughout the building cycle and harness all the benefits of a premier home inspection management solution. 

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