BuildPro Inspections

Streamlined Home Inspections with Complete Transparency

Given the tight margins in residential construction, productivity and efficiency are critical to your business, and inspections are no exception. Assigning and scheduling inspections affects the productivity of your inspectors. Entering inspection data and creating reports manually is arduous, time consuming and prone to errors. The best solution is to use home inspection software designed specifically for Builders that is an integral component of your current project management software.

Hyphen BuildPro, the most powerful, comprehensive new home building management software on the market includes integrated construction inspection software. Build Pro’s inspection software provides a 24/7 digital connection, thereby improving accessibility and visibility of shared data. Existing manual reports are transformed into a digital format, thereby standardizing them and eliminating the need to compile information from multiple sources at the back-office. 

 Transmitting information digitally enhances collaboration and even allows third-party inspectors to be part of the process. This user-friendly solutions enables all stakeholders to see completed inspections, ordered improvements or repairs-with photos and videos documenting their progress. Furthermore, immediate access to insights on past inspection data can be used to perform strategic analyses and improve processes.

Hyphen Solutions’ Inspections Suite streamlines the entire inspections process by providing real-time access to centralized digital information, thereby enhancing collaboration, reducing manual paperwork and errors and allowing defect and long-term supplier performance tracking. Leverage the power of BuildPro and its add-on inspections software to effectively manage the home inspection process throughout the building cycle and increase customer satisfaction. The first step on your journey to seamlessly efficient inspections is to schedule a demo with our expert team.

Product Resources

  • Immediate Results

    With BuildPro Inspections, you’re digitally connected. This means all of your data is transmitted and received within seconds. You can also access results on the go from your phone or tablet. All corrective actions are immediately communicated to SupplyPro so that you can track your trades' progress on remediation.

  • BuildPro Integration

    The benefit of having home inspection software married to BuildPro is that it greatly increases the likelihood that product issues and possible warranty problems will be identified throughout the process, rather than at the end. This improves cycle time and prevents delays at closing.

  • Streamlined Process

    With BuildPro Inspections, all of your reports live under one roof, giving you access to everything you need instantly, across all devices. You can now standardize all of your quality inspections and instantly schedule changes and improvements. The process is simple, as we leverage your existing manual inspection sheets to produce their digital counterparts.

  • Quick and Easy Insights

    You now have access to insights that would have been buried within paperwork in the past. Now that your data is digital, everything is retrievable instantly, including trade performance, frequently used items and manager performance.

  • Efficient Collaboration

    BuildPro Inspections allows you to include 3rd party inspectors on any project. They can get up to speed on the job and begin reporting in no time. For most home builders, the ability to loop in 3rd party inspectors is invaluable.

  • Management Made Simple

    Easily track milestone inspections, final inspections and create checklists for defects that need correction. Saving management time here can pay dividends over a quarter or a year.

Get the Most Out of Your BuildPro Solutions

At Hyphen, we want builders to be able to use our solutions to their fullest extent. Schedule a time with our expert team to join a demo of BuildPro, including the built-in home inspection software, to discover how BuildPro can save time and drive your costs down.