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ERP Solutions Don't Have To Be Difficult or Costly


There are many advantages in efficiency and productivity to using an ERP or Enterprise Resource Platform for your accounting, purchasing, job costing, sales and other business operations. ERPs are a type of software designed to create a common platform, or home base, that provides access to all stakeholders and integrates with other systems.

However, many small-to-mid-sized Home Builders are resistant to replacing their stand-alone accounting software with an integrated enterprise resource platform (ERP) because they are concerned about the difficulties of switching over. Others are held back by the cost. Personalized platforms cost thousands of dollars to build and even more to maintain. Those costs can’t be justified for a startup company or small team. 

In addition, many Home Builders don’t know how to select the best ERP for their company; the research can seem overwhelming. Unfortunately, if they turn to independent consulting companies for guidance, they may not get the results they need. Many of these consulting companies charge Builders a fee for their assistance while accepting “thank you fees” from software companies at the same time. In these cases, their recommendations may be self-serving. 

Hyphen Solutions is a forward-thinking company that partners with its customers to produce innovative solutions. More than 750 Builders across North America and Canada utilize Hyphen’s product suite—including 21 of the top 26 U.S. Home Builders. We also serve many smaller Home Builders, because, in addition to custom platforms, we offer a functional, flexible, subscription-based service. You choose and pay only for the ready-to-use modules you need now; add others later as needed. 

We also work closely with our clients to make implementation smooth. We focus on: 

  • Defining the desired business results 
  • Training users in your company 
  • Configuring applications properly for effective and smooth usage

ERP solutions are one of the most significant developments in business technology today. And they are now available to every size Home Builder. In today’s residential building marketplace, they are fast becoming critical to staying competitive. 

We offer two ERP systems to suit the needs of every home builder and enable you to connect with software that can upgrade the functions most critical to your business. 

BRIX is an all-in-one cloud-based residential construction ERP with accounting. This fully integrated platform offers access to the most efficient solutions available, no matter how many projects you handle each year. BRIX lets you control job costing, purchasing, accounting, production and more. 

Hyphen HomeFront is a fully integrated on-premise residential construction ERP for companies that build 50 to 1,000 homes per year. It helps you efficiently manage processes from sales selections and contracts to estimating and purchasing, to service and warranty all in one system and offers integration with popular accounting software such as QuickBooks, Sage and Xero.

Learn more about ERP solutions by visiting hyphensolutions.com to schedule a demo with one of our experts and download Hyphen’s Step-By-Step Guide To Building A Stronger Business with Home Builder Management Software