How An Integrated Suite of Building Management Solutions Can Solve For Operational Inefficiencies

High construction costs can outweigh strong sales and cause decreased profitability  

Even with the vibrant sales picture for new homes today, builders are facing problems with profitability. Sales are just one half of the equation. Overhead is the other. Increases in the prices of building materials have contributed to rising construction costs, and there is little you can do about that as an individual builder. The other factor contributing to rising costs, however, is operational inefficiency, and that can be addressed successfully within your business. 

Decreased profitability due to lack of operational organization, labor shortages, disconnected software platforms and longer work schedules 

If you are like many builders today, you are facing a need to get more work done with fewer workers. The pandemic layoffs that began in March 2020, a slow return of workers to the industry and difficulties in recruiting new workers have resulted in labor shortages in all areas. There are trade shortages, superintendent shortages and office staff shortages. 

This can become a cascading problem because, the more stressful it is to work for your company, the more trouble you may have attracting and retaining good workers and subcontractors. When people have a choice of whom to work with, they choose companies that offer the best work environment. They are likely to choose companies that:

  • Have organized and understandable processes
  • Share project plans and changes with all stakeholders in a timely fashion
  • Communicate consistently and effectively throughout the team

The only way to do more with fewer resources — and to attract more of the best resources — is to maximize your operational efficiency. Disconnected software platforms, poor communication and longer work schedules are among the problems that, unaddressed, will sap efficiency on a day-to-day basis.

Incorporate an integrated suite of cloud-based home builder software solutions 

An integrated suite of cloud-based solutions designed specifically for the residential home building industry can enable you to execute home build projects in less time with less effort than ever before and take back your profitability.

Many home builders attempt to incorporate various kinds of software into their daily processes — scheduling software, accounting software, project management software, etc. only to find that processes feel more complex rather than simpler. The best software solution has full platform integration and connectivity with other platforms to avoid the problems inherent in switching back and forth between disconnected software programs — repetitive data entry, inconsistent data, lost data, multiple systems for stakeholders to learn, etc. 

Residential construction projects are complicated; you need software that can bring all the pieces together through a single interface. Effective, integrated home builder management software should support efficiency in a broad range of back-office functions like purchasing, job scheduling, vendor application, document management, bidding, variance POs, etc. 

Solve Inefficiencies with BuildPro, BRIX & Hyphen HomeFront 

Hyphen Solutions offers residential construction management software that solves inefficiency. Our builder product suite is trusted by many home builders across North America, including BuildPro, the largest home construction supply chain management software in America, connecting home builders with contractors, trades and suppliers. We offer two Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) ecosystems or “home-base” platforms to suit the needs of every home builder. 

BRIX is an all-in-one cloud-based residential construction ERP with accounting. This fully integrated platform offers access to the most efficient solutions available, no matter how many projects you handle each year. BRIX lets you control job costing, purchasing, accounting, production, and more. 

Hyphen HomeFront is a fully integrated on-premise residential construction ERP for companies that build 50 to 1,000 homes per year. It helps you efficiently manage processes from sales selections and contracts to estimating and purchasing, to service and warranty all in one system and offers integration with popular accounting software such as QuickBooks, Sage and Xero.

Learn more about integrated solutions with Hyphen Solutions or schedule a demo with one of our experts today.