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How G.T.A. Can Compliment Your SupplyPro Solution 

Every residential construction business reaches a point where assigning individuals the cumbersome, tedious task of entering, tracking and reconciling work or purchase orders is counterproductive. Automating manual tasks improves and speeds up business tasks like data entry, while minimizing the likelihood of errors. Freeing up personnel to perform other more important tasks can save invaluable time and money. If you’re already a user of the supply chain management software SupplyPro, you’ve experienced the many benefits provided by online collaboration with your Builder clients. 

Gather Translate Automate (G.T.A.) is a set of value-added services offered through SupplyPro that further expands the benefits provided by supply chain automation. With Renditions, you can receive orders from all your Builders, including those who aren’t BuildPro clients. This provides the time-saving benefit of all jobs, orders and schedules flowing seamlessly to your accounting or ERP solution. SkuSphere translates Builder orders for instant fulfillment from the warehouse or Suppliers, while SupplyPro Connect automates the purchase order process with ease and accuracy. Read on to learn more about how supply chain management automation provided by SupplyPro reduces costs, improves responsiveness, enhances productivity and increases profits and cash flow.

Gather All Non-BuildPro Orders 

It’s a proven fact that businesses run far more efficiently when all stakeholders are working from a single source of data. Renditions enables using one SupplyPro login instead of keeping track of dozens of unique Builder logins. Renditions gathers all orders into SupplyPro, thereby providing a consolidated access point in a consistent format—including essential information, notifications and updates from non-BuildPro Builders. Renditions eliminates time wasted finding orders, printing paperwork and downloading files, which simplifies processes and allows personnel to focus on higher yield activities. 

Translate Builder Orders to Material Lists 

It’s common for Builders to order the same products, floor plans and options. Without the right automated supply chain software, this involves repetitively identifying individual parts or bundles of parts required to complete these orders. SkuSphere provides BuildPro and SupplyPro users with the most comprehensive catalog in the home building industry to translate Builder's purchase orders into Supplier purchase order SKUs. 

With SkuSphere, you’ll receive a list of the required materials in real-time, thus reducing the amount of time entering orders. This also enables you and your Builders to be on the same page at all times, while eliminating SKU conflicts. The ability to track all materials in a timely manner improves accuracy, while facilitating more efficient resource planning. 

Automate The New Order Process 

As a current SupplyPro user, you already enjoy the ease of online and paperless collaboration. SupplyPro Connect construction purchase order and procurement solution takes the information found in SupplyPro transactions and automates the data into your Builders’ project management systems. By communicating pricing and item errors to Builders in real-time, you’ll eliminate headaches and provide better customer service. 

SupplyPro Connect allows you to extend the automation of new jobs, orders and scheduling to your back-office ERP system. This eliminates redundant data entry, saves time and provides consistent data between systems, which means all users are planning and making decisions based on the same information. Dramatically improving the timing and accuracy of delivered materials will greatly reduce or eliminate costly dry runs. 

Explore Gather, Translate and Automate Solutions Today

Hyphen Solutions has transformed the way Suppliers and Builders collaborate, helping to ensure materials are accurately delivered and projects are completed on time and under budget. To learn more about how G.T.A. can help you get even more value from SupplyPro, contact your Hyphen Account Manager or schedule a demo today!