How To Eliminate Data Entry with Order Automation 

According to a 2018 report from FMI Corporation, poor communication represented a potential cost to the U.S. construction industry of $17 billion a year, while poor project data represented a cost of $14.3 billion annually1. According to an IBM estimate, bad data cost businesses in the U.S. alone a staggering $3.1 trillion per year. And at least 95% of respondents that participated in an Experian study said poor quality data undermined business performance2.

If you’re a residential Home Supplier, you can’t afford bad data or data entry errors caused by a lack of communication, jobsite distractions or anything else to eat into your already slim profit margin. Manual data entry can have a negative impact on your bottom line and Builder client satisfaction. While data entry automation can’t completely resolve every issue that can lead to errors, it can greatly improve communication and reduce or eliminate mathematical errors, duplicate entries or using outdated pricing. These are some of the benefits of order automation.

Streamlined Data Entry and Communication

Purchase order automation eliminates the extra steps involved in manually entering information into in-house software solutions. Look for order automation software that offers machine-to-machine messaging between you and your Builders because this is essential to accurate, clear and consistent communications. The software should also enable specific actions to be taken in your software (e.g., acceptance and completion) that can be shared back with your Builders. These features will ensure you, other company personnel and Builders are on “the same page” anytime and anywhere.

Near Perfect Accuracy

A 2008 research paper that discussed numerous examples of human error, revealed that manually entering data into simple spreadsheets led to a human error probability of 18-40%. This increased to nearly 100% with complex spreadsheets3. Automated data entry eliminates costly mistakes associated with manually entering data, including orders and invoices.

Real-Time Information Access

When personnel spend up to half their time “pushing paper” fraught with inevitable mistakes, accurate real-time reporting is virtually impossible. Automation provides instant access to new orders, scheduling and changes, enabling you to lay a foundation for timely and relevant resource planning.

Order Clarity

Siloed data that is only accessible to specific people within an organization can create bottlenecks and lead to poor decision-making when key personnel don’t have access to crucial information. By using automated data entry software, scopes, instructions and changes are visible to all parties to whom you provide access. This makes it easy to update, accept or complete orders in a timely, automated manner.

Reduce Data Entry with SupplyPro Connect

Technology has transformed the way Suppliers and Builders collaborate, thereby facilitating delivering materials and completing projects on time and under budget. Automation frees up your employees’ time and enables them to focus on more complex and challenging tasks than manual data entry. As a current SupplyPro user, you already enjoy the ease of online and paperless collaboration. SupplyPro Connect™ provides the ability to streamline this process further by eliminating manual data entry and reducing the need to access SupplyPro.

To accommodate clients with different systems and data requirements, SupplyPro Connect offers data flexibility and several methods to connect with various degrees of automation. The versatile and flexible software provides the ability to automate orders and reschedules with acknowledgement, change orders, order cancellations, notes and Builder documents, completions and payment information/remittance.

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