How To Empower Homeowners with Integrated Customer Management Tools 

A recent study of prospective Homebuyers indicated that innovation across the industry was a top deciding factor among 83% of people in the market for newly constructed homes1. Currently, America is in the midst of one of the most competitive new housing markets in decades, coupled with high mortgage rates spurred by inflation. Builders need to make the home buying experience better than ever by offering cutting-edge digital tools that eliminate uncertainty and increase homeowner confidence. Investing in a construction project management tool with a homeowner portal is a win-win for Builders and homeowners alike. It provides homeowners with reassurance that they’re involved in the build of their new homes—from breaking ground through closing. And Builders who provide this innovation to homeowners can streamline their processes, improve communication and get the edge to stay competitive!

Keep Homeowners Informed 

From a desktop or mobile, homeowners are able to stay informed through every phase of home ownership. Giving them access to progress data, statistics, vital documents, picture libraries and everything else they need in the client portal helps to ensure they’ll be satisfied with their new home. Builders and homeowners can send notes, schedule appointments and more, thereby making the entire experience better for all stakeholders. 

Provide Access to Their New Home Progress 

A homeowner portal gives homeowners the ability to login and track the building progress of their new home, whenever they wish. They can get a glimpse of completed tasks, those in progress and remaining tasks that aren’t yet underway. Viewing building progress pictures allows homeowners to see their dream homes come to life! 

Introduce A Construction Project Management Portal 

A project management portal that integrates with a Builder’s current construction management tool is far better than a standalone tool. This eliminates the need for Builders to use multiple systems to track home construction and warranty requests. Features to look for include warranty submission and tracking, home inventory management (e.g. user manuals, care instructions), electronic notes submission and appointment scheduling. New homeowners can submit warranty requests by logging into their account and entering information, including photos and notes. Builders can receive information instantly—with the added benefit of an easily accessible “paper trail” that documents the entire process.

Empower Homeowners with Homeowner Portal

Hyphen Homeowner Portal is an integrated add-on to BuildPro, the powerful and comprehensive new home building management software that 21 out of the top 26 Home Builders in America currently use to elevate their business to new heights. The Hyphen Homeowner Portal enables Builders to connect with homeowners on a more personal level by allowing them to seamlessly submit warranty requests, view and share the creation of their homes and manage all relevant documentation in a single, cloud-based location. By engaging homeowners at the very start of the purchase process and throughout every phase of construction, you’re offering an innovation that keeps you competitive, even in the most challenging new housing market in decades! 

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