BuildPro Homeowner Portal

Empower Homeowners with Integrated Customer Management Tools

Hyphen Solutions Homeowner Portal is a construction project management portal that  gives your new homeowners the ability to go online to check the status of their new home. Homeowners can use the client portal to submit and track warranty items. Because our Homeowner Portal is seamlessly integrated with BuildPro, there’s no need for multiple systems to track home construction and warranty. Everything’s all in one place.

Product Resources

  • Always In Touch

    Using BuildPro on desktop or mobile, you’ll always be in touch with your clients and their needs. You and your clients can send notes, submit/track warranty tickets, view warranty statistics and reports and much more.

  • Owners Stay Informed

    With Homeowner Portal, information is extrapolated directly from BuildPro and neatly provided for your new homeowner. They'll have access to progress data, statistics, vital documents, picture libraries and everything else they need in the client portal, keeping them from directly calling you. These assets ensure that they stay satisfied with their new home.

  • Home Inventory Lists

    Your new homeowners can now digitally enter an inventory of all their home valuables. Everything from appliances to golf bags can be included, and the number of items that can be added is limitless. They can enter text, upload images and assign dollar values in case of theft or other mishaps.

  • Progress Tracking

    Using Homeowner Portal, your homeowners now have the ability to login and track the building progress of their new home. They’re able to view which tasks have been completed, which are in progress and which ones are remaining. The homeowner can view building progress pictures, as well as communicate directly to you through notes and alerts.

  • Warranty Requests

    New homeowners can now electronically create and track warranty tickets from the convenience of their own computer. After your homeowner creates a ticket, you’ll receive it instantly in BuildPro. From there, you’re able to log, track, assign fix actions and digitally communicate with your homeowner. That transparency provides them with unparalleled peace of mind, while you maintain high customer satisfaction.

  • Speedy Builder Response

    As a BuildPro user, you'll receive their warranty requests instantly and have access to all the information you need to take decisive corrective actions. Send your new homeowners notes, schedule appointments with them online, give them periodic status updates and keep a running audit trail of all your activities.

Get the Most Out of Your BuildPro Solutions

At Hyphen, we want builders to be able to use our solutions to their fullest extent. Our team can provide a demo of all our BuildPro solutions, including the client portal built right into the construction project management software, showing you exactly how BuildPro will improve your efficiency.