How To Gather All Non-Build Pro Orders Into SupplyPro 

In today’s increasingly connected and competitive residential home construction industry, it’s important to automate complex workflows, enhance operational efficiencies and improve collaboration across teams using the most robust technology available. The comprehensive construction management software BuildPro is one of these technologies. In fact, 21 of the top 26 Home Builders in America rely on BuildPro every day to improve their home building processes. Although this statistic reflects the remarkable benefits provided by BuildPro, SupplyPro users may be wondering if they can still take advantage of these perks with non-BuildPro Builder clients. The great news is that as a SupplyPro user, you can easily integrate information and get construction notifications and updates from non-BuildPro Builders with SupplyPro Renditions!

Use One Login For All Your Builders

SupplyPro Renditions enables you to use your single SupplyPro login and access all the information you need from non-BuildPro Builders. This eliminates keeping track of dozens of unique Builder logins connected to portals that have to be checked manually for updates, thereby saving invaluable staff resources and time spent managing disconnected data. 

Improve Organizational Accuracy and Efficiency 

According to the Independent Project Analysis Group, an average of over 35% of all construction projects experience a major change, which comes with an associated negative impact on productivity and efficiency1. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic caused unprecedented supply chain shortages, price increases and changes to the residential construction industry that are still impacting Suppliers today. 

The good news is that when change orders are managed through system integration, they no longer need to be dreaded. With SupplyPro Renditions, you don't need to jump between systems nor worry about team members having the latest information. By receiving daily construction updates for change orders, line item detail changes and other updates you rely on, you’ll increase accuracy, decrease the need for dry runs and eliminate costly errors. 

Leverage a Single Source of Data 

System integration ensures all stakeholders are working efficiently from a single source of data. Unifying various processes through SupplyPro Renditions provides you and your Builders with access to the same accurate, updated data—anytime and anywhere. This eliminates or greatly reduces the risk of miscommunication, reliance on outdated info and the associated waste of time and resources. It enables receiving new construction work orders directly from your Builder clients, collaborating with them on scheduling and changes and tracking and reporting completions—like you do with your BuildPro clients.

Gather All Non-BuildPro Orders With SupplyPro Renditions 

Hyphen Solutions has vast experience developing construction project management solutions that improve accuracy and efficiency for Builders and Suppliers alike. SupplyPro Renditions is an example of how the company continually builds on workflows and integrations from its highly successful core residential construction management solutions to help Suppliers and Builders improve residential construction business practices. 

Schedule a demo today to see how SupplyPro Renditions can save you time and improve accuracy by integrating all the non-BuildPro information you need into SupplyPro to efficiently operate your business, even with non-BuildPro Builders!