How To Improve Efficiency And Quality Control With A Home Inspection Software

Residential construction inspection throughout the build cycle is an integral component to achieving timely, accurate and safe project delivery and meeting Homeowners’ high quality standards. While it’s a given that inspections help ensure a project meets industry safety, quality and accuracy standards, performing them often comes with challenges. These challenges are typically related to reliance on inefficient processes, not utilizing the best tools for the job or even inexperience. The first two issues can easily be remedied by investing in home inspection software, while inexperience can be resolved through proper training. 

Cutting-edge property inspection software provides real-time solutions that streamline inefficient manual processes, mitigate project delays and errors and minimize risks to clients and the general public. Bottom line…the right inspection management software delivers significant time and cost savings and a boost to Builder reputation, which means a healthier bottom line. Inspection software can greatly enhance the following key tasks.

Improve Accessibility and Visibility of Shared Data

Quick information sharing and communication between Contractors and stakeholders is critical to addressing urgent problems. A solution that offers a 24/7 digital connection enables inspection data to be transmitted and received within seconds, while mobile access allows everyone to get the same up-to-date information anytime, anywhere.

Inform Strategic Improvements with Quick and Easy Insights

A solution that provides immediate access to information previously buried in stacks of paperwork and file cabinets saves significant time. Immediate access to past inspection data, Supplier performance, frequently used items and required corrections is instrumental to performing strategic analyses and improving current and future processes.

Streamline and Improve Reporting

Home inspection reporting software makes it easy to customize and standardize formal reports by digitizing manual formats. Filling out reports at project sites eliminates the need to return to the back-office, compiling information from multiple handwritten or digital sources and reformatting text to create reports. The benefits include improved data collection, enhanced reporting and faster processing.

Enable Efficient Collaboration

Depending on a project size, different types of inspections throughout the build cycle generally can involve one or more individuals across several Trades. Third-party inspectors can help improve and strengthen code enforcement that may be overlooked by local officials, such as inadequate insulation1. A solution that allows third-party inspectors to be included on any project enables them to get up to speed on the job and begin reporting, thereby preventing unnecessary project delays.

Simplify Management

The ability to easily track milestone inspections, final inspections and create checklists for defects that need correction greatly simplifies management, thereby delivering considerable cost savings.

Get a Healthy Return on Investment

The ability to access centralized information, streamline the inspections process, enable efficient collaboration, reduce paperwork and errors and track defects and long-term Supplier performance quickly pays dividends on the initial investment.

Improve Efficiency and Quality Control with Hyphen Inspections 

Cloud-based BuildPro has become the industry standard for scheduling, procurement, collaboration and communications across the entire supply chain in residential construction. The add-on Inspections software helps improve residential construction site inspection processes by facilitating documentation, tracking and collaboration between all key stakeholders. Standardization allows documenting current processes, identifying problems and improving overall project quality and safety. Interested in leveraging the power of BuildPro Inspections to effectively manage the home inspection process throughout the building cycle? Learn more about all the benefits of this premier home inspection management solution by downloading our Inspections one sheeter and scheduling a demo with our expert team.