How To Streamline Job Communication With Collaborative Scheduling Tools 

The construction industry is a complex business. One major reason is that every project involves multiple trades and suppliers whose schedules are interdependent. A change in the schedule of one crew affects every crew scheduled after them, potentially causing expensive project delays. To complete residential building projects, collaboration is essential, and that requires clear, timely and inclusive communication. 

Scheduling Each Trade Individually 

Traditionally, as a builder, you have to schedule each trade individually. Whether you use phone calls, text or email, the communications are siloed. Since scheduling is interdependent, this means you may have to go back and forth several times with each trade to coordinate. If one trade isn’t available on Wednesday but needs to show up on Friday instead, this can delay the schedule for every later trade by a day...or two...or a week, depending on when they have crews available. This makes scheduling an inefficient and tedious task, but until recently, unless you had everyone in a room together at the same time (hard to do), there was no way to schedule collaboratively.  

Delayed & Decentralized Communications Between Businesses & Trades  

Even once you get everyone appropriately scheduled at the beginning, you’re not finished. No project proceeds without unexpected headaches. If your framers don’t get their lumber delivery on time, for example, they will be running late. If your drywallers don’t know about this delay, they will show up for a dry run. In the meantime, does their drywall get delivered to an unprotected job site, leaving it vulnerable to weather or even theft? Does the electrician know when to come to install the outlets? What happens to this already compromised schedule when a change order comes through? One problem inevitably leads to others when communications are decentralized and delayed. Processes, transactions, material delivery, timelines and overall job efficiency are affected. 

Communicate More Effectively With Residential Construction Scheduling Software 

Customizable project scheduling software designed specifically for residential builders can solve these problems of siloed and inefficient communications. The Scheduling feature of Hyphen Solutions’ BuildPro connects you in real-time with your team and all of your trade partners. A shared digital calendar and centralized communication ensure that all parties can work together to build and maintain a smooth schedule. Drag and drop scheduling makes it easy for you to change dates, and all trades scheduled after any date change will be automatically rescheduled and instantly notified, eliminating miscommunications and dry runs. 

Trades can use the scheduling tool to accept jobs and timelines, inform you of any changes on their part and signal completion of their tasks with photos and time stamps.   

Learn More About Collaborative Scheduling Tools With Hyphen’s BuildPro 

BuildPro is the largest supply chain construction management software solution in the nation for the residential construction industry. BuildPro takes construction scheduling and supply chain management to the cloud, providing real-time information with greater accessibility, accuracy and efficiency. In today’s tight-profit market, the need for efficiency has never been higher. BuildPro connects home builders with their contractors, trades and suppliers all on one platform, to increase effective collaboration and efficiency. 

Interested in learning more about BuildPro? View the recorded webinar or schedule a demo to talk to a Hyphen Solutions expert about how to streamline communications between home builders and suppliers with BuildPro.