How To Utilize SupplyPro Connect As Your Supplier ERP System Integration 

As a residential construction company working with Builders you know things move fast. Orders, schedules, changes and updates are constant and require processing and data entry so your team can use your in-house systems to manage and keep track of it all. With SupplyPro, our customers already see the benefits and savings of receiving all Builder requests and order information centralized in one portal. With SupplyPro Connect the benefits and savings multiply by connecting SupplyPro with your in-house ERP, accounting or scheduling solution. An information pipeline between yours and your Builders’ systems.

SupplyPro Connect offers data flexibility, real-time information sharing and the ability to streamline various processes. All the information you need from the Builder to start and manage your jobs can be reviewed in the comfort of your own software solutions without the need to hunt for updates and new info in various portals. As your jobs progress, you can continue to manage change requests and status updates in your software solution and seamlessly trigger necessary updates to the Builder as per your requirements.

This saves time, reduces human errors and speeds up the flow of information between you, your Builders and Contractors. By integrating with your ERP, SupplyPro Connect provides the ability to make substantive improvements to the way you do business.

Single Source Data Processing 

Most businesses have learned valuable lessons through the years and realized that consolidated data in one system saves time, reduces frustration and mistakes. SupplyPro Connect provides all the same critical benefits, extended to incorporate necessary external data sources. With continuous data update SupplyPro Connect ensures that you and your builder are looking at, not the same data, but the same data representation, keeping everyone on the same page. 

Streamline Communication and Accurate Product Info 

SupplyPro Connect improves the accuracy of exchanged data and communications, thereby significantly reducing the time spent reconciling orders. Providing the most up-to-date information reduces the possibility of misaligned expectations. Builders can access automated updates anytime and anywhere. With system-to-system status updates and response to Builder requests, you’ll provide the best possible customer service and eliminate many headaches on your end.

Automate Real-Time Data Feeds 

With SupplyPro Connect, manual entry of information into your in-house ERP is replaced by a feed of data directly from SupplyPro. SupplyPro Connect APIs push data from SupplyPro while also allowing communication back to Builders using BuildPro. SupplyPro Connect takes information found in SupplyPro transactions such as purchase orders and change orders and inputs this data directly into your back-office systems (order processing, accounting, inventory management and more). This gives your employees more time to focus more on true value add tasks such as special orders that require additional handling or corrections. 


To accommodate clients with different systems and technical opportunities, SupplyPro Connect offers several methods to connect with various degrees of automation. From a simple setup with CSV formatted files delivered via FTP, to a more sophisticated and automated solution utilizing REST API’s.

Selectively Automate Actions

Depending on your specific needs, this solution can automate orders with acknowledgement, reschedule with acknowledgement, change orders, order completions and cancellations, notes and Builder documents, completions and payment information/remittance. You choose where the automation will benefit you.

Learn More About SupplyPro Connect As Your Supplier ERP System Integrator 

By integrating with your ERP and other in-house software, SupplyPro Connect eliminates inaccuracies, improves communication, reduces costs and increases your bottom line. SupplyPro Connect gives your team the power to automate as much or as little as needed. Dramatically improving the timing and accuracy of delivered materials reduces the possibility of costly dry runs. And being an amazingly responsive and customer-centric Supplier keeps Builders happy and leads to more business for you. Take the first step to achieving seamless Builder connection, collaboration and communication by contacting us today or scheduling a demo.